apps scanner launch

Exciting Product Updates: Simplified app setup with a new powerful SDK scanner

We are delighted to announce the launch of our SDK scanner for Mobile Apps, a feature designed to streamline CMP configuration, saving time for developers, legal and marketing teams.
by Usercentrics
Aug 10, 2023
apps scanner launch
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We are thrilled to introduce this highly requested scanner feature, aimed at simplifying the setup of the CMP within mobile apps. In response to feedback from our valued Mobile Apps customers, we have made two significant updates that will greatly enhance your operational efficiency.

Third-party Technology Scanner for Apps


Working very closely with App developers, we listened to their pains and learned about the complexities involved in setting up a compliant legal banner for mobile applications. The new automated SDK scanner will enable any team member to effortlessly identify third-party technologies installed in your mobile application, streamlining the configuration process of the banner.


By automating a substantial part of the App CMP setup, we are committed to providing you with a smoother learning curve and increased confidence when adopting our platform. Our goal is to make privacy compliance easy for you, allowing you to focus on your core business while our technology handles the rest. Once technologies are identified, the scanner also provides a suggested categorization for each technology (e.g., marketing, essential, functional).


Compliance should not be complicated. We are confident these changes will reduce your setup time, increase accuracy, and ultimately add more value to your business.


We can’t wait for you to try out these new features, and as always, we look forward to your feedback. For any queries or support, please reach out to our team.


And if you are not a customer yet, or if you are not sure if you need a CMP for your application, you can start a free trial to learn more about our features.

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