Best compliance audit software to help you avoid penalties in 2024
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Best compliance audit software to help you avoid penalties in 2024

Learn how compliance auditing software can help ensure you meet regulatory requirements, assess risk, and securely document and store the evidence needed in the event of an audit.
by Usercentrics
Jun 25, 2024
Best compliance audit software to help you avoid penalties in 2024
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It’s no secret that modern data privacy laws can have extensive compliance requirements. Understanding the differences between the GDPR, FADP, and other data privacy regulations can be challenging, especially for companies with global operations that need to comply with multiple regulations at the same time.


Given the potential task volume associated with compliance activities, it can be highly valuable for organizations to use compliance audit software for functions like:

  • collecting, managing, and securely storing user data
  • conducting risk assessments
  • preparing and securely storing the needed documentation in the event of an audit

We’ll explore compliance audit platforms that can help your business achieve ongoing compliance with data privacy laws and easily manage potential audits of data processing operations.


Our picks of the top software for compliance audits:

  1. Usercentrics
  2. Sprinto
  4. VComply
  5. AuditBoard
  6. Diligent
  7. Drata
  8. LogicGate

Compliance auditing software overview

Software Key feature Recommended for Pricing
Usercentrics Data privacy audit:
Scan your website for first- and third-party cookies in use to understand your compliance risk level
Businesses of all sizes From USD 60/month


30-day free trial

Sprinto Zones:
Launch and manage compliance programs for individual business units
Tech businesses Pricing available on request
LEXCOMPLY Compliance organogram:
Get a bird’s eye view of internal and third-party compliance controls and risks
Businesses with Regtech needs Pricing available on request
VComply Audit workroom:
Track and record audit-related events for verification purposes
Companies with US-centric GRC needs Pricing available on request
AuditBoard AuditBoard AI:
Automate workflows and get intelligent recommendations to leverage data
Fortune 500 companies Pricing available on request
Diligent ACL analytics:
Leverage machine learning to analyze any data source
Multinational corporations Pricing available on request
Drata Audit hub:
Manage tasks and evidence while enabling communication and collaboration in one location
Software and app development companies Pricing available on request
LogicGate Risk cloud control repository:
Connect internal controls and frameworks to identify gaps and overlaps across compliance regulations
Companies with complex risk management needs Pricing available on request

Our picks of the 8 best compliance audit tools

Internal audits are crucial for managing compliance within the stringent standards of the GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations. They’re also essential for creating a system that’s ready for the possibility of an external audit.


Building compliance into everyday operations helps your organization maintain regulatory standards and mitigate risks effectively, making an effective compliance audit tool a must-have.


The following tools offer a combination of privacy features — ranging from consent management to data privacy audits and risk analysis tools — that’ll help you keep ahead of compliance requirements and efficiently gather the necessary information needed for audits from an overseeing authority.

1. Usercentrics




Usercentrics is a leading consent management platform (CMP) that enables businesses to collect, manage, securely store, and signal user consent in accordance with major data privacy regulations, including the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and POPIA.


Usercentrics’ data privacy solutions primarily equip businesses to achieve data privacy compliance and maintain marketing performance. The platform also has a best-in-class data privacy audit feature. This helps you determine your current data privacy compliance risk level with the use of cookies and trackers on your website to prepare for — and ideally avoid — external audits.


In the event of an audit, Usercentrics has centralized and securely stored user consent information, making it easier for you to supply this to data protection authorities.

Notable features

  • Data privacy audit: Scan your website for first- and third-party cookies to understand your compliance risk level with privacy regulations
  • Centralization and security: Centralize and securely store consent records, making it easier to pull evidence in the event of an audit
  • Smart data protector: Prevent third parties from collecting user data unless users have explicitly given consent
  • Robust analytics and reporting: Get insights about user behavior to drive your privacy strategy
  • Geolocation: Adhere to data privacy requirements in a particular country or region with banners that update based on the user’s location


  • 30-day free trial: for one configuration on one domain with up to 30,000 sessions
  • Starter: USD 60/month (one configuration on one domain with up to 30,000 sessions)
  • Advanced: USD 175–1,150/month (unlimited configurations, domains and sessions)
  • Premium: Custom pricing for custom solutions
✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Easy to use (G2 user reviews) Advanced features can be challenging to use, according to some G2 users
Extensive customization options
Robust compliance with major data privacy regulations

Achieve data privacy compliance with confidence

Usercentrics’ flexible and scalable CMP integrates seamlessly with your CMS to streamline data privacy compliance and consent management.

2. Sprinto




Sprinto is security compliance software built for tech companies. It offers its customers auditor-approved compliance programs that can be launched with a few clicks. It also provides functionality that is specifically targeted to auditors, including audit dashboards and dedicated audit managers. The platform is generally easy to use, but some users reviewing on G2 reported that a few features are difficult to learn.

Notable features

  • Seamless certification: Build automated controls and checks to gain compliance with IS0 27001 and more, and store any evidence needed for external audits
  • Centralization: Maintain a bird’s eye view via a compliance and audit dashboard
  • Plan for audits: Set periods for each regulatory framework, business unit, business location, and controls, and prepare for multiple audits simultaneously



Pricing is available on request.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Easy integration with existing tech stack (G2 user reviews) Users reviewing on G2 would like more comprehensive documentation and guidance
A comprehensive solution (G2 user reviews)
Excellent customer support (G2 user reviews)





Listed as India’s leading governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology provider on Capterra, LEXCOMPLY focuses on building simple, innovative, secure products that are fit for purpose. The company offers 13 risk and compliance management solutions but the platform doesn’t allow for integrations.

Notable features

  • Compliance organogram: Get a bird’s eye view of internal and third-party compliance controls and risks
  • Legislative updates: Receive notices about changes to the regulatory environment
  • Real-time monitoring: Access granular compliance reports
  • Risk audits: Run internal audits based on set controls and upload findings and recommendations to the system for actioning



Pricing is available on request.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Complete compliance ecosystem No third-party integrations
Secure, cloud-based data storage
Regular legal and compliance updates

4. VComply




VComply advertises helping businesses to automate and streamline their compliance, risk, policy, and audit management programs. The company touts a no-code solution for solving customers’ compliance management challenges, though per G2 user reviews, new users can experience a steep learning curve.


VComply’s solution includes multiple tools especially for managing audits, including a compliance calendar to plan and schedule audit activities.

Notable features

  • Audit workroom: Track and record audit-related events for verification purposes
  • Audit assessments: Evaluate the effectiveness of controls for mitigating risks
  • Evidence management: Create a centralized repository for all audit-related documents
  • Alerts and notifications: Receive real-time updates about audit-related tasks and issues



Pricing is available on request.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
All-in-one compliance, risk, audit and policy management Time-consuming to set up (G2 user reviews)
Free trial
Intuitive reporting dashboards (G2 user reviews)

5. AuditBoard




AuditBoard advertises its offering as an intelligent, collaborative, and connected risk management platform, and states its aim to help businesses elevate their audit, risk, sustainability, and compliance teams.


The company says their platform is designed to reduce the load of manual risk management, and includes AI functionality in workflows and the ability to get intelligent recommendations to leverage data.

Notable features

  • Compliance audit templates: Streamline testing, issue remediation, and reporting
  • Microsoft 365 integration: Integrate AuditBoard with Microsoft 365 programs to save time on document creation and updates
  • Automated issue management: Gain real-time visibility into open issues and track their progress



Pricing is available on request.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Versatile software (G2 user reviews) It is cloud/browser-based only.
Intuitive to use (G2 user reviews)
200+ integrations

6. Diligent




Diligent advertises that the company enables businesses to continuously monitor and draw insights from data to anticipate risks and build resilience. The software makes it easy to generate documentation and keep records. It also notes that it enables you to deliver in-depth compliance and ethics training to your team using science-backed microlearning content.

Notable features

  • ACL analytics: Leverage machine learning to analyze any data source
  • Audit management: Consolidate key audit functions and maintain audit history
  • Risk and control library: Manage and view all compliance risks and controls in one place
  • Third-party manager: Audit and track risk associated with third-party relationships



Pricing is available on request.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
FedRAMP-certified solution Many features only accessible via the app, according to G2 user reviews
11 languages supported
Easy to use (G2 user reviews)

7. Drata




Drata advertises that their platform is built by security and compliance experts, and automates evidence collection to enable compliance and audit readiness. However, pricing for this tool is nontransparent, and while there are over 170 integrations, it only allows one integration per category.

Notable features

  • Audit hub: Manage tasks and evidence while enabling communication and collaboration in one location
  • 170+ integrations: Connect existing data collection solutions to bring in evidence stored in those programs
  • No-code solution: Build workflows and automations that meet your specific needs with a few clicks
  • Trust center: Pull essential security documents and information to show potential partners and customers pertinent security information
  • Automated access reviews: Manage user access to stay in compliance with data privacy regulations and legislation



Pricing is available on request.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
GDPR- and CCPA-compliant No free trial or free version
Extensive documentation (G2 user reviews)
Dedicated account manager (G2 user reviews)

8. LogicGate




LogicGate advertises that they enable users to design end-to-end workflows using visualizations. They tout an all-in-one platform that aims to help businesses identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks, empowering you to comply with data privacy regulations.


They also note that they provide access to a team of governance, risk, and compliance experts for help and support at every stage of your compliance audit journey.

Notable features

  • Risk cloud control repository: Connect internal controls and frameworks to identify gaps and overlaps across compliance regulations
  • Internal audit management solution: Centralize all audit-related data for your organization to identify risks
  • Automated control testing: Assign control tests, documentation requests, findings and solutions to appropriate owners
  • Risk cloud documents: Understand which documents you need to pass your next control audit



Pricing is available on request.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
FAIR-focused risk analysis G2 user reviewers note being unable to test changes before they go live
Effective implementation support (G2 user reviews)
Easy to build workflows (G2 user reviews)

Features of compliance audit management software

Compliance audit management software can simultaneously protect and drive smoother business operations and effective compliance management.


Your chosen platform must offer features that help you achieve complete data privacy compliance. The platform should:

  • Enable adherence to requirements of applicable data privacy laws and regulations
  • Provide a detailed list of compliance tasks for comprehensive maintenance operations
  • Include robust risk assessment tools to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential compliance risks

The software must also protect sensitive data through features like encryption, access controls, and audit trails to enhance data security and integrity​.

Build your compliance program with the top solution

To ensure compliance and audit preparedness, it can help to use a CMP. Integrating Usercentrics into your business’s tech stack can help you collect, manage and securely store user consent data in a way that helps you meet regulatory requirements. And with our data privacy audit feature, you can better understand your compliance risk with regard to first- and third-party cookies and trackers present on your website.

Streamline compliance audits

With Usercentrics it’s easier than ever to collect, securely store, and efficiently manage user consent while complying with ever-changing regulations.


What is compliance audit software?

Compliance audit software provides specialized tools designed to help organizations adhere to regulatory requirements and implement policies. It centralizes compliance data, automates workflow processes, and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of audits. Key features often include real-time reporting, risk assessments, audit trail documentation, and integration with other business systems.

This software helps organizations identify areas of noncompliance, generate detailed reports and maintain a consistent audit schedule. Providing a unified platform for managing compliance tasks reduces the risk of regulatory breaches, minimizes manual effort, and supports a proactive compliance strategy.

What is the difference between a data audit and a compliance audit?

Data and compliance audits have different purposes, but they also have some overlaps. Generally, a data audit forms part of a compliance audit.

A data audit focuses on the accuracy, integrity and security of data within an organization. It involves evaluating data management processes, assessing data quality and ensuring that data storage and processing systems are secure and efficient. A compliance audit is broader in scope. It examines whether an organization adheres to various regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies.

While a data audit may be one aspect of a compliance audit, the latter includes financial audits, operational audits, and checks on compliance with environmental, safety and other regulatory standards.

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