Usercentrics and BurdaForward
Press Usercentrics data privacy expertise featured in BurdaForward’s podcast Datalicious

Usercentrics data privacy expertise featured in BurdaForward’s podcast Datalicious

Dec 4, 2023
Usercentrics and BurdaForward
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Usercentrics’ Senior Privacy Expert, Tilman Harmeling was interviewed by Carsten Sander, innovation and adtech influencer and host of BurdaForward’s podcast Datalicious.


Episode 9, season 3 of the podcast centered around “The Privacy Paradox” in the context of data sharing and user behavior. From optimizing consent rates to what users expect from their data, the conversation covered all facets.


In a world increasingly driven by data, the podcast discussion focused on how growing awareness of privacy is affecting online marketing and digital advertising, from the day-to-day challenges to the long-term strategic shifts. While users are generally reluctant to share their data, their behavior often contradicts this, as seen with the use of smart home systems and smartphones.


Digital Markets Act and its impact on online marketing – improve results and opt-in rates in the new digital era


On one side we have the importance of trust and control over data, but on the other side there’s a desire for personalized user experiences, which often require data sharing.


The experts looked at how companies are responding to the increasing number of data protection requests and what impact stronger data protection has on product quality and monetization opportunities.


They closed the conversation with some thoughts on the current regulatory developments and predictions for how consent practices may evolve in the future.





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Find out why bots are coming to your side, what’s their impact on GDPR consent rates, and learn how to detect and reduce fraudulent traffic while increasing online performance without any additional cost.


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The “DATALICIOUS” podcast by Carsten Sander explores various topics around digital technology, AI, and online advertising. Episodes delve into impacts of AI on daily life, contextual targeting in digital advertising, generative AI, and more, often featuring guest experts.


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