Fraud Detection in Online Marketing
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Fraud Detection in Online Marketing - 3 tips on how to increase your performance without any additional cost.

by Usercentrics
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Fraud Detection in Online Marketing

Did you know that bots account for half of all internet traffic? This affects all verticals from E-commerce to Travel to Finance. Take a look at the bigger picture and one thing is clear: this affects all marketing activities as bots view and click on online ads, burn through digital marketing budgets and skew analytics like GDPR consent and conversion rates.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why bots are coming to your site
  • Impact on GDPR consent rates
  • 3 tips on how to detect and reduce fraudulent traffic without any additional cost

¹the webinar partner is fraud0 GmbH


Tilman Pfeiffer

Tilman Pfeiffer

Co-Founder and CEO

Tilman Pfeiffer is Co-Founder and CEO of, a Munich-based fraud detection company helping businesses minimize risks associated with automated non-human traffic. Tilman Pfeiffer has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and in scaling technology companies. He worked in venture capital and private equity for 7 years investing in Europe and Asia after completing his studies of aerospace engineering at TU Munich and KAIST in South Korea.

Mischa Rürup - Founder & CEO Usercentrics

Mischa Rürup

Usercentrics GmbH

Mischa Rürup is the founder and CEO of Usercentrics, a GDPR solution for enterprise customers and online marketing agencies. Honing vast entrepreneurial experience and an eye for all things tech, Mischa has been a part of the German digital scene for over 15 years. As the founder of intelliAd, a leading Bid Management tool which was sold to the Deutsche Post / DHL group in 2012, he has established himself as an expert in online marketing. The passionate entrepreneur has an ability to explain difficult issues in an easily understandable manner making for great discourse. In the ongoing privacy debate his in-depth know-how is in great demand.

Jessica Benne

Jessica Benne

Free Lance Journalist, Host of "Tech That Talks"
Usercentrics GmbH

Jumping on the privacy train since 2019 Jessica has been at the forefront of researching and reporting on changing data privacy legislations. With a background at CNN and Deutsche Welle, Jessica brings her Journalism expertise to Usercentrics as the in-house Host of “Tech That Talks”, a bi-weekly privacy panel discussing the latest in data privacy with world renowned experts.

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