Press Usercentrics Expands Presence into Buenos Aires to Enhance Americas Region Operations

Usercentrics Expands Presence into Buenos Aires to Enhance Americas Region Operations

May 22, 2024

Munich, May 23, 2024  – Usercentrics, the leading provider of consent and preference management solutions, is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This strategic expansion further strengthens Usercentrics’ commitment to providing exceptional service and support to its growing clientele in markets in the Americas.



In establishing this new office, Usercentrics enhances its accessibility and responsiveness to the needs of Americas-based clients, facilitating smoother communication and more personalized assistance. The Buenos Aires location will serve as a hub for customer relations, sales support, and strategic partnerships. It enables Usercentrics to deliver tailored solutions and expedited services to its valued customers, including across the United States; with the rapid spread of state-level data privacy regulations and renewed focus on federal legislation.


“We are thrilled to extend our presence into Buenos Aires as part of our ongoing efforts to better serve our clientele across the Americas regions,” said Michel Henss, SVP of Sales and Customer Success at Usercentrics. “This expansion underscores our dedication to providing top notch support and strengthening relationships with our customers. With a local presence in Buenos Aires, we are poised to deliver even greater value and responsiveness to meet the evolving needs of our clients.”



Usercentrics’ CEO Donna Dror added, “Our team has unparalleled international data privacy expertise that extends beyond the GDPR and subsequent regulations it’s influenced. What’s exciting us now is our ongoing commitment to leading the industry with evolving thought and technology innovations. All of this rapid change is challenging to many companies, and we’re dedicated to making privacy compliance and building trust easier, more reliable, and more scalable in all global markets.”


The new office in Buenos Aires represents a significant milestone in Usercentrics’ global growth strategy to expand its market leadership beyond Europe into the Americas. The expanded presence complements existing offices in Munich, Prague, Copenhagen, Odense, Lisbon, and New York. By strategically positioning itself closer to key markets, Usercentrics aims to foster stronger connections, deepen client engagement, and drive continued innovation in the field of consent management.


For more information about Usercentrics and consent and preference management solutions, please visit usercentrics.com.


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