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Press Usercentrics featured in Business Leader with spotlight on Digital Markets Act

Usercentrics featured in Business Leader with spotlight on Digital Markets Act

Dec 12, 2023
press release – business leader
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Leading media platform Business Leader has highlighted the essential role of user consent and consent management platforms (CMPs). In addition to regulatory compliance requirements, these are becoming critical growth enablers for millions of companies with customers in the European Union (EU) and/or European Economic Area (EEA).


Tilman Harmeling, Senior Privacy Expert at Usercentrics, shared his expertise on the recent regulatory developments around data privacy in Europe, particularly with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).


The European Commission designated six “gatekeepers” inlast September 2023:

  • Alphabet (Google, Android, YouTube)
  • Amazon
  • Apple (iOS, App Store)
  • ByteDance (TikTok)
  • Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp)
  • Microsoft (LinkedIn, Windows PC OS)

Since then, speculation has been high about the potential impact for businesses using these platforms, especially when it comes to potentially losing ad revenue streams.


Of additional concern, as Harmeling noted, “Many companies doing business in the EU are still not privacy-compliant, despite the GDPR having been in force for several years”. With the Digital Markets Act, these companies now face even greater noncompliance risks, such as losing access to gatekeeper services, “a crushing blow” to smaller companies’ revenue operations.


The article also touches on:

  • What onsumers’ increasing awareness about data privacy means for businesses
  • How the digital revenue operations of millions of companies are at stake
  • Consent management as the solution to the problem

Usercentrics has pioneered consent management platforms since 2012. Our experience managing 1.8 billion monthly user consents for clients across over 670,000 websites and apps, with a network of more than 3,000 partners worldwide, enables us to draw on unparalleled insight into the world of user privacy.


Lars Schmidt, SEO & CRO Manager at Reservix GmbH, highlights Usercentrics’ commitment to providing privacy solutions that empower organizations worldwide to embrace data privacy while building trust with their users.


We have many websites and want customers to have the best experience. Respecting user privacy is as important as measuring marketing activities and performance. Usercentrics understands our needs.
Lars Schmidt, SEO & CRO Manager at Reservix GmbH



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Tilman Harmeling- Usercentrics

About Tilman Harmeling

Having focused on the business and technical complexities of privacy throughout his career, Tilman has gained a variety of experience about how privacy markets work. He joined Usercentrics in 2018, and as Senior Expert Privacy, his goals are to understand the privacy landscape and find opportunities for innovation. He works with global enterprises and universities and is also a sought-after speaker on current privacy topics at events like PrivSec Global, OMR, DMEXCO, BCG MarTech Series and Leadership Beyond Borders.