Borsen Gazelle Award - Usercentrics
Press Usercentrics receives Børsen Gazelle award for second consecutive year

Usercentrics receives Børsen Gazelle award for second consecutive year

Dec 13, 2023
Borsen Gazelle Award - Usercentrics

Copenhagen, December 13, 2023 – Usercentrics has won the second consecutive Børsen Gazelle Award, a prestigious accolade in Denmark that recognizes companies that demonstrate exceptional growth and performance.


This exclusive recognition attributed to just 1% of Danish companies reflects our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving significant milestones in the data privacy space.


Receiving the Børsen Gazelle 2023 not only underscores our hard work on building consent and preference management solutions businesses of all sizes can rely on, but it also reaffirms our dedication to pursuing our vision of building a thriving digital ecosystem powered by user privacy and technology.


Receiving a Børsen Gazelle is an achievement that requires something out of the ordinary.


Looking back at the last four years, we can see the extraordinary. We’ve grown from a start-up to a leading innovator of consent technology for the new internet economy focused on user choice. The global teams at Usercentrics work daily for a better internet for everyone.



A big thank you to our incredible team, valued clients, partners and shareholders for being an integral part of our success story. With a shared vision for the future, we’re inspired to continue delivering unparalleled products, setting new industry benchmarks, and embracing each opportunity with renewed energy and a commitment to excellence.


About the Gazelle awards

Gazelle awards were established by the Danish financial paper Børsen in 1995 and have since become a synonym for growth and excellence. While a gazelle can reach a speed of 100 km per hour in just a few seconds, it takes four years of continuous growth for a company to be nominated for a Børsen’s Gazelle award.


The 6 Criteria for the Gazelle Award


To receive the Børsen Gazelle Prize, six criteria must be met. These criteria have remained the same since the Gazelle was first awarded in 1995:


1. Net turnover/gross profit
The company’s turnover must be a minimum of 1 million in the base year measured by net turnover and at least 0.5 million measured based on gross profit.


2. Accounting period
The company must have at least four published accounting years.


3. Company form requirements
Only joint-stock companies (A/S) and limited liability companies (ApS) are included in the survey.


4. Comparability
The figures from the four years must be fully comparable.


5. Operating profit
The sum of operating results over the four years must be positive.


6. Growth
The growth of net turnover must be positive in all four years, and the growth over the entire period must be at least 100%.


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