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HeyJobs chooses Usercentrics CMP for web & mobile platforms

Usercentrics helps HeyJobs meet legal requirements and build strong brand trust among recruiters and candidates.
by Usercentrics
Jan 17, 2024
Case study with Heyjobs - Usercentrics
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HeyJobs GmbH provides a recruitment platform that’s powered by advanced marketing automation and machine learning to enable better, faster hiring. Headquartered in Berlin and constantly growing in new industries, geographies, and job categories, HeyJobs has over 2,500 clients globally, served by about 400 employees.

As a company that works with proprietary information, being a trustworthy business partner is of paramount importance. Doing business in Europe, compliance with the legal requirements of the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive are also critical. To date HeyJobs has the Usercentrics CMP implemented on three domains.


HeyJobs needs to meet current stringent regulatory compliance requirements, be prepared as legislation in the EU evolves, and for potential additional regulations as their business expands globally.

It’s important for their growth to protect and build on the trust they’ve built with their brand. They also require high consent rates on their web properties to obtain the data they need for marketing and advertising operations. The HeyJobs team needs a consent management solution that is secure, flexible, scalable and user-friendly.



Easy implementation and comprehensive functionality

Get the CMP implemented as quickly and easily as possible. Ensure the CMP enables full customization and detection of all services in use on websites and apps.


Flexible and user-friendly configuration

Ensure the team—technical or not—can implement and customize the CMP, as well as enable ongoing privacy compliance as regulations and digital technologies evolve, saving the company time and resources.


Strong support

Solid and ongoing collaboration, with guaranteed high availability and responsiveness, and solutions that solve customer issues quickly.


Peace of mind with regulatory compliance

Meet GDPR and any other international regulatory requirements for consent and data security, reducing legal risk and ensuring the company provides great user experience while getting the data they need.

Making It Work Together

We talked to Marcel Biqkaj, Legal Associate with HeyJobs, about the company’s experience with Usercentrics CMP. While Marcel was not with the company when the CMP was implemented in 2021, he has developed plenty of experience with the platform.

My experience with Usercentrics has been highly beneficial for managing cookies. The customer support team is especially helpful.
Marcel Biqkaj, Legal Associate with HeyJobs

Well supported

We asked how it has been working with the Usercentrics team and with the CMP itself. Biqkaj noted, “My experience with Usercentrics has been highly beneficial for managing cookies. The customer support team is especially helpful, providing comprehensive guidance that enables you to become proficient with the tool. They readily address any queries you may have, ensuring you grasp the full range of functionalities and possibilities the tool offers.”


Performance and optimization

The HeyJobs team mostly focused on customizations to the cookie banner’s appearance to ensure seamless integration with their branding. The customization functionality was one of the things Biqkaj commented on. He’s also found a lot of value in the user interactions analysis to help the team understand their users and optimize the cookie banner for higher consent rates.


Save time and work

We asked Biqkaj what the main criteria were for HeyJobs selecting Usercentrics CMP. He noted, “All legal requirements were fulfilled, the product was already well-known in the market, and the product was easy to use.” Pretty solid reasons all around.

Are your digital platforms compliant with GDPR?

See Usercentrics’ consent solutions in action and discover how they can help you achieve privacy compliance.

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