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Case study with HeyJobs

Focusing on growth as a trustworthy partner and privacy-compliant business.
by Usercentrics
Jan 17, 2024
Case study with Heyjobs - Usercentrics
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HeyJobs provides a recruitment platform that’s powered by advanced marketing automation and machine learning to enable better, faster hiring. The company is growing rapidly, expanding into new industries, geographies, and job categories globally.


As a European-based company, compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive’s legal requirements is critical. As the company expands globally, however, other regulatory compliance may also become necessary, and existing laws continue to evolve, so HeyJobs needs to keep agile regarding compliance.


Privacy compliance isn’t their main growth driver, however. HeyJobs is a people-based business, and nothing is more important than the trust they have built with their brand, customers and partners. That trust is based on transparency and delivering on what they say they will do.


Like most other businesses, they also need data to make strategic decisions and to drive marketing and advertising operations. To get this data, they need high consent rates on their properties, which requires a consent management solution that’s comprehensive, secure, scalable and user-friendly.


The HeyJobs team has found collaboration with Usercentrics’ Support team to be especially valuable, providing fast, expert assistance when needed, but also helping to ensure the HeyJobs team developed their proficiency with the CMP.


HeyJobs’ initial focus was on ensuring the cookie banner integrated seamlessly with their branding, and they commented specifically on the customization functionality. Once they were up and running, they also really appreciated the insights gained from the Analytics Dashboard that helped with optimizing user experience and consent rates.


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