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MediaShop chooses Usercentrics CMP for web and mobile

Beyond compliance: Usercentrics helps MediaShop ensure respect for user privacy and positive customer relationships.
by Usercentrics
Nov 1, 2023
Case study with Mediashop
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MediaShop is the market leader in Direct Response TV-based (DRTV) omnichannel sales in German-speaking countries, and one of the largest players in Europe. They get their inspiration from all around the world, bringing years of experience to product development to delight millions of customers. Their focus is on finding, developing and selling innovative, problem-solving products in the kitchen and household, fitness and leisure, and beauty and wellness categories.

MediaShop International Group includes ten companies in nine locations across the EU, with a team of over 400 people. Their products are available in over 40 countries worldwide. With the reach of their business, compliance with the GDPR is business critical. As is being prepared for data privacy laws they may need to comply with in the future.

The company is currently using the Usercentrics CMP on nine webshop domains, with more to follow soon.

Usercentrics is a powerful CMP that helps us be GDPR-compliant, easy to integrate and manage, and gives our customers confidence that we only treat their data with their consent and with care.
Thomas Adelbauer, MediaShop’s Teamlead Application & Data


MediaShop needs to be compliant with the European Union’s strict data privacy regulations. But it’s just as important to the team to build long-term customer relationships. Respecting data subjects’ rights and showing customers that MediaShop respects user privacy and handles their data with care is a big part of that.



Easy implementation and comprehensive functionality

Get the CMP implemented as quickly and easily as possible. Ensure the CMP enables full customization and detection of all services in use on websites and apps.


Flexible and user-friendly configuration

Ensure the team — technical or not — can implement and customize the CMP, as well as enable ongoing privacy compliance as regulations and digital technologies evolve, saving the company time and resources.


Strong support

Solid and ongoing collaboration, with guaranteed high availability and responsiveness, and solutions that solve customer issues quickly.


Peace of mind with regulatory compliance

Meet GDPR and any other international regulatory requirements for consent and data security, reducing legal risk and ensuring the company provides great user experience while getting the data they need.

Making It Work Together


Well supported

We talked to Thomas Adelbauer, MediaShop’s Teamlead Application & Data, about why MediaShop chose Usercentrics. He summed it up succinctly, “Usercentrics is a leading CMP, easy to use and integrate and meets all of our CMP requirements.

When we asked about the company’s wishlist for future features, he mentioned some additional DPS Scanner features that would be very handy. Great feedback.


Performance and optimization

When we asked what features the company has found the most valuable, Adelbauer noted a favorite mentioned by many customers, “The available templates for the most common data processing services in various languages are very helpful.


Save time and work

Adelbauer said that from signing the contract to completing setup took just under two months. He noted that the CMP met many of their needs right out of the box, so their main customization focus was the branding to match MediaShop’s CI.

He also noted the CMP’s user-friendliness. “Compliance with the GDPR is a must, but it also shows our customers that we handle their personal data with care. Since Usercentrics is a well-known CMP and is used by many companies, customers know how to use it when they want to adjust their privacy settings.


Security and optimization today and tomorrow

Adelbauer summed up the value Usercentrics brings to MediaShop and to their customers. “Usercentrics is a powerful CMP that helps us be GDPR-compliant, easy to integrate and manage, and gives our customers confidence that we only treat their data with their consent and with care. The templates provided in different languages help us as an international company to inform our customers about the integrated tools and make it easier for us to integrate new services in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Are your digital platforms compliant with GDPR?

See Usercentrics’ consent solutions in action and discover how they can help you achieve privacy compliance.

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