Case study with Mediashop

Case study with MediaShop

Ensuring respect for user privacy and positive customer relationships along with data privacy compliance.
by Usercentrics
Nov 1, 2023
Case study with Mediashop
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MediaShop is the market leader in Direct Response TV-based (DRTV) omnichannel sales in German-speaking countries. They get their inspiration from all around the world, finding, developing and selling innovative, problem-solving products in the kitchen and household, fitness and leisure, and beauty and wellness categories.


The company needs to comply with Europe’s stringent data privacy laws today and as the company and regulatory landscape evolve. MediaShop currently uses the Usercentrics CMP on nine webshop domains, with more to come.


As important as regulatory compliance is, customer relationships and experiences are just as important, today and for the long term. Respecting consumers’ privacy rights, showing customers that MediaShop respects their user privacy, and handling their data with care is a big part of building that brand trust and experience.


The MediaShop team focused their customization work on matching their brand CI, and particularly found the Data Processing Services (DPS) templates very handy to save time and resources in implementation. They noted that the Usercentrics CMP met their needs right out of the box, and they’ve found integrating new services in a GDPR-compliant way to be fast and easy.


With web properties in over 40 countries, MediaShop has also appreciated the CMP’s geolocation functionality, ensuring visitors get data processing and consent information in their relevant language to ensure they’re well informed.


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