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Case study with ONE

Achieving compliance with a platform that supports regulations around the world, for as many domains as needed, with rock-solid automated maintenance.
by Usercentrics
Jul 7, 2023
Illustration case study with One | Usercentrics
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ONE is an organization founded in the United States that now operates in 13 countries around the world. Their goal and campaign is to build a movement to enable eradication of extreme poverty and preventable disease within the decade, providing a life of dignity and opportunity to everyone.


Operating internationally, they need to ensure compliance with a number of data privacy laws. They chose Usercentrics in June 2022, currently using the Consent Management Platform (CMP) on nearly a dozen websites. Support for multiple domains and subdomains were critical for them, as were translations for their various markets. The ONE team has also found the Cross-device Consent Sharing function to be highly valuable.


Onboarding for ONE was fast and customization for their branding was easy, which also streamlines addition of more sites in the future. They’ve had a great working relationship with Customer success, appreciating the speed and thoroughness of responses to questions or issues.


Struggles with maintaining cookie platforms in the past were an issue, but the ease and reliability of the Usercentrics CMP came up as a notable difference. They could just “set it and forget it”, at least until it’s time to add new digital products.


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