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app best practices
Whitepaper Jun 22, 2023

Playing by the Rules: Best Practices for Apps and Games Compliance

Unearth the secrets of smart consent management with our best practice ebook that puts you in command of data privacy compliance for apps. From optimizing...

Usercentrics Mobile Gaming Report
Whitepaper Apr 18, 2023

Consent in Mobile Games: hidden benefits and low-hanging fruit!

User consent is a huge opportunity for mobile gaming monetization. In Usercentrics’ latest industry report, learn why consent is lucrative and becoming critical...

Mobile Apps GDPR
Whitepaper Nov 15, 2022

Mobile Apps: the Wild West of data privacy?

This report highlights the high rate of GDPR noncompliance on mobile apps in the EU

Pharma Report 500x500-01
Whitepaper Mar 21, 2022

EU pharmacy webshops: How GDPR violations put customer trust at risk

This report highlights the high rate of GDPR non-compliance within popular pharma eCommerce sites in the EU.


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Make sure you comply with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive by following these simple steps in our Checklist.
Checklist Oct 17, 2023

Easy checklist to be ready for compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Our Digital Markets Act compliance checklist helps you understand the requirements of the regulation. Achieve and maintain privacy compliance and business...

Switzerland's Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)
Checklist Jul 21, 2023

FADP Checklist

Learn what you need to know to comply with Switzerland’s FADP privacy law.

Data Privacy Compliance Checklist for Website Building Platforms
Checklist Mar 14, 2023

Data Privacy Compliance Checklist for Website Building Platforms

Our checklist for website building platforms helps you achieve and maintain privacy compliance.

Checklist Mar 3, 2023

NPICICA and SB-260 Amendment Compliance Checklist for Nevada

Our NPICICA and Amendment SB-260 compliance checklist helps you achieve and maintain privacy compliance.

Case Studies

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Case study with Mediashop
Case Study Nov 1, 2023

Case study with MediaShop

Ensuring respect for user privacy and positive customer relationships along with data privacy compliance.

Casestudy with homa
Case Study Aug 2, 2023

Case Study with Homa Games

Consent Marketing in action: How Homa Games achieved up to 10% increase in ad LTV via user consent.

Illustration case study with One | Usercentrics
Case Study Jul 7, 2023

Case study with ONE

Achieving compliance with a platform that supports regulations around the world, for as many domains as needed, with rock-solid automated maintenance.

Gilson and Usercentrics logo - Usercentrics
Case Study Jun 2, 2023

Case study with Gilson Inc.

Achieving simple, international cookie compliance with a well-designed, user-friendly platform that streamlines maintenance.

One Pagers

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RFI Template by Usercentrics
One Pager Jan 10, 2023

RFI Template by Usercentrics

Usercentrics RFI Template

Onepager Implementation Partner
One Pager Mar 3, 2021

Onepager Implementation Partner

Implement our CMP through one of our partners and benefit from their expertise and knowledge in the field of data protection

Onepager Referral Partner
One Pager Jan 11, 2021

Onepager Referral Partner

Why partnering with Usercentrics? Join our mission to bring legal requirement into harmony with marketing strategies.

Usercentrics supports the latest version of Google Consent Mode
Dec 4, 2023

Usercentrics supports the latest version of Google Consent Mode

Find out how to implement Google Consent Mode with the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) solution in just two steps.

Usercentrics CMP Analytics Dashboard
Nov 29, 2023

Google Consent Mode: balancing user privacy and analytics

Since its beta launch in 2020, Google Consent Mode has represented a step forward in embracing data privacy while...

DMA guide orange

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) for global brands: enhancing enterprise growth and success

The Digital Markets Act introduces new rules that could cause waves in the digital business operations of global enterprise...

Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act
Nov 13, 2023

What the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act mean for US businesses

The Digital Services Act package legislated by the European Commission brings a variety of new obligations and opportunities to...

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Consent under GDPR and ePrivacy header
Article Sep 29, 2018

Consent Under GDPR And ePrivacy

Under GDPR, a consent has to be informed and given freely. That means, that the data subject must have...

Criteria for a CMP
Article Sep 29, 2018

Criteria for a CMP

Consent in daily life appears to be simple: it’s a Yes or No question. Consent in legal terms and...

iab TCF Logo Hero
Article Sep 26, 2018

The iab Transparency & Consent Framework

The iab consent framework by the iab Tech Lab specifies the way, a consent is saved and forwarded between...

CMP Definition Header
Article Sep 26, 2018

What Is A Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

A CMP aka Consent Management Platform is normally used by advertisers, publishers and agencies and consist of 3 major elements

Why Consent header image
Article Sep 25, 2018

Why Consent

Is Consent mandatory? The question is legit and we’re happy that you ask. As one of the legal bases...

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