Driving innovation, new features, partnership successes — and more!

Read on to learn about our newest features, amazing partnership opportunities, and how to find out everything you need to know about consent management.
by Usercentrics
Oct 25, 2022
Driving innovation, new features, partnership successes — and more!
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Exciting leadership changes, new features, and some great partnership success stories to spark data strategy innovation.


Accelerating industry innovation with key executive leadership changes


Usercentrics’ Co-Founder and CEO, Mischa Rürup, and Co-Founder and CTO, Daniel Johannsen, are leading new initiatives within Usercentrics. With these new innovation tracks, the company is excited to tackle the complex coming challenges presented by fast-changing technology, multi-platform ecosystems and data privacy regulation.


To enable this new focus, Chief Revenue Officer Donna Dror is taking over as CEO, and Chief Product Officer Ibrahim Husseini expands his role to Chief Product & Technology Officer.


Granular Analytics are here

Granular Analytics We started the rollout for Granular Analytics, which will replace Consent Analytics for the Web and App CMPs v2. You’re going to love it! Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of the features you currently rely on.


The new Granular Analytics enables you to get clear answers to your specific consent management questions. For example, “For this specific service, how is my consent rate?” or “How are the Data Processing Services performing which customers can opt-out from?” You’ll be able to make even more informed decisions about your data and compliance strategy.


Documentation for the new Granular Analytics is now available, and Consent Analytics in the Admin Interface for v2 of the CMP will be deprecated November 30th, 2022.


Data Subject Requests (DSR)

Data Subject Requests

As more privacy regulations come into force, more people are taking an interest in the collection and use of their personal data and sending Data Subject Requests DSRs (or Data Subject Access Requests, aka DSARs) to companies. Usercentrics has you covered.


The Usercentrics DSR functionality enables you to accept Data Subject Requests from end users in a clear and structured manner in accordance with legislation requirements. The functionality can be accessed via the Admin Interface. Just contact your Customer Success Manager or our Customer Support team to set it up. There is a structured intake form and dedicated interface for managing requests, keeping everything in one place and streamlining processing.


How to implement server-side conversion tracking with Google Ads and Usercentrics CMP

New feature

The world is shifting away from third-party tags and data. Increasingly this will require companies to evolve their data strategies to embrace first-party data and a greater focus on user privacy and consent.


Server-side tagging (SST) is a key part of this evolution of data strategy. It enables more control over cookies and can be integrated with any channel, like web, apps or smart devices. Integration of a server tag manager also offers several advantages. A popular example of the use of server-side tagging is tracking conversions in Google Ads. Together with our partner dwc consult, we have created a use case on how to implement server-side tagging with Google Ads and Usercentrics CMP.


Usercentrics and Tealium help customers reach their data goals


In partnership with Tealium, the Usercentrics team helps organizations to reach their data goals while ensuring compliance with the GDPR. Along with data compliance, customers have increased consent rates and get the most out of the data they collect. Read the case studies for two of our customers, immowelt and Scout24, to find out more about the successes from this beneficial partnership.


Join our beta testing community

product community orange

Usercentrics is looking for curious, passionate customers and partners for the UC Innovation Community. This is our beta testing community of people who like to be on the cutting edge. Who like to build, break, and make things better. These early adopters will actively help in our development process and be the first to try out new features. The UC Innovation Community will receive:

  • exclusive updates on what we’re building, and new products and features we’re considering
  • direct interactions with our Product team
  • early access to new and complementary products beyond consent management that are not yet widely available
  • continuous feedback mechanisms to shape product development, including interviews to explore new product concepts — invest building the next generation of tools


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