Monthly Product Update

Monthly Product Update – new year, new features!

Read on to learn about our new apps plan and mobile SDK features, as well as updates on everything from our tech partners to CMP performance.
by Usercentrics
Feb 11, 2022
Monthly Product Update
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Whether you like to start everything fresh for the new year or focus on incremental improvement year round, we’ve got goodies for you! Read on to learn about our new apps plan and mobile SDK features, as well as updates on everything from our tech partners to CMP performance.


Free Apps Starter Plan!


By popular demand, we are thrilled to announce a new free Starter plan for Apps.


If you are just launching your app and are getting ready to scale, Usercentrics is here for you. Apps with up to 1,000 Daily Active Users will get all our basic Apps Consent Management features for free.


Easy installation, endless customization possibilities, two banner configurations, compliance with international regulations, native iOS and Android SDKs, Unity support, analytics dashboard, and more!


New Apps Banner API 



With v2.2.0 of our Apps SDK, the banner API has been completely overhauled to enable full customization and A/B testing.

Mockup 1@2x

With four new lean banner variants and the ability to customize every image, text and button independently, you are now empowered to be as creative as you want with the banner design and user experience.

Mockup 2@2x

Since the new banner API gets configured on run-time, we have unlocked A/B testing so that you can optimize opt-in rates and engagement in a measurable way.


Preview & Publish Feature



We’re excited about this one! Soon you will be able to preview changes that you have made to your CMP v2 before publishing them. Make changes to your CMP configuration, analyze their impact, and decide whether or not to apply them to your live implementation. When this feature becomes available, we will notify you by email and provide documentation to walk you through how it works and get you up to speed in using it.


Performance updates for CMP v2 – Browser UI



Our performance team is continuously working hard to make sure your CMP v2’s performance is as fast as possible. To this end, for the Browser UI, soon the public methods getServices() and getSettings() will be deprecated. The method getSettings() will be replaced by getSettingsCore() and getControllerId(). The method getServices will be replaced by getFullServicesInfo() and getBaseServicesInfo(). Find out more about the methods and how to start using the new ones in our full documentation.

Another change that will impact performance will be to our localstorage field uc_settings. We do not recommend using our localstorage to retrieve information because it can change without prior notice, please use the UI methods described above instead.


When these performance updates are released, we will notify you by email and we will provide instructions to guide you through any updates you need to make to your CMP v2 setup.


Partner API Sandbox Updates



The Usercentrics Sandbox API Endpoints have been moved to a new destination.
If you are using our Partner API Sandbox environment, you may need to update your code accordingly.


Current Destination:


Old Destination:




For German Regulations: The Telecommunications and Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDPA or TTDSG in German) came into effect on December 1st, 2021. The German data protection authority’s board, the Datenschutzkonferenz (DSK), published guidelines to provide further information and clarity regarding implementation. The TTDPA applies to any organization providing goods and services in Germany, and some of its guidelines differ from the GDPR. Learn about the TTDPA’s new guidelines, how they could affect your business, and how they may change setup requirements for your CMP with our helpful resources. As always, if you need support or have questions, please contact your CSM Manager directly or email support at [email protected].


Kameleoon A/B Testing Support



We are happy to welcome Kameleoon to our Partner Network. Kameleoon is a powerful and easy-to-use A/B testing, full stack, and AI-powered personalization platform. Best of all, they offer one-click integration with Usercentrics!


Usercentrics’ customers and partners serving their clients can now conduct A/B testing, run feature experiments, and deliver personalized experiences to their end clients based on consent status. Learn more about the Kameleoon integration with Usercentrics’ CMP, or request a demo.


Don’t forget: Migration to CMP v2



If you still have CMP v1, you can now migrate to CMP v2. Access our migration documentation here.


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