FAQ Browser UI – Information for your transition from CMP V1 to CMP V2

FAQ Browser UI – Information for your transition from CMP V1 to CMP V2

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The optimization of our tool is our focus at Usercentrics. We are continually working to make our CMP better for you. An important development in this context is the transition onto a browser interface which creates many advantages. The following FAQs will answer all open questions regarding the migration from CMP V1 to CMP V2. The goal is to enable you to decide for your company when the right time to make the change would be. 


Any questions? Your personal Customer Success Manager will be glad to assist or use our ticketing tool.


Which benefits does the CMP Version 2 have for me as a customer? Why should I migrate?

Benefits of CMP Version 2:


  • Strongly reduced file size & quicker loading times
  • Performance optimized UI
  • New features like TCF 2.0, AMP & Cross Device Consent Sharing
  • Individualization & self-programmable UI (Browser SDK)

From when will the CMP Version 1 no longer be supported?

There is not a concrete timeline as yet, but we will inform you in good time.

Do I need CMP V2 to be able to use the CMP in AMP?

Should you wish to use AMP TCF, this is only possible with CMP V2. 

Do I need CMP V2 to be able to use CMP in the In-App SDK?

The In-App SDK is configured in Admin Interface V2. We recommend CMP Version 2 in combination with the In-App SDK to guarantee a seamless user experience in app & web (e.g. Cross Device Consent Sharing).

  • Yes.



Are there instructions for the migration and/or the implementation of CMP Version 2?

Do I have to start the implementation all over again when migrating to CMP V2?

When changing to the new version of our CMP please replace the current Usercentrics script with the new script which you can find in your Usercentrics Admin Interface.


Should you integrate data processing services using the Google Tag Manager, please adjust your tags’ existing variables and triggers: https://docs.usercentrics.com/#/browser-sdk-google-tag-manager-configuration.


Nothing will change for data processing services which you have integrated directly into your source code. These can still be adjusted as described here: https://docs.usercentrics.com/#/direct-implementation-guide.

Will existing consents from CMP Version 1 be transferred to CMP Version 2?

Providing the settings ID remains the same, previously obtained consent can be transferred over to Version 2. For your information – there is already a script integrated in Version 2 which adjusts the local storage from Version 1 for Version 2. 

Important: Both versions are not backwards compatible, i.e. converting consent from Version 2 to Version 1 is not possible.

Will there be an API interface in CMP Version 2?

Yes. The available functions can be found in our documentation: https://docs.usercentrics.com/#/cmp-v2-ui-api.

Can Usercentrics recommend a partner for the implementation of CMP Version V2?

Our partners Comspace GmbH and TWT Digital Group GmbH will be glad to assist you with the implementation. 

User Interface & Configuration

Are there examples of customers who have already implemented the browser UI?

Yes. Please contact our support team for more information.

How does the UI look? 


First Layer Predefined UI:



Second Layer Predefined UI:


Which customization options do I have?

The following customizations can be made in the predefined UI:

  • Logo
  • Brand Color
  • Font
  • Banner or Wall
  • Categories in the First Layer
  • Deny Button: yes or no
  • Various options for the Privacy Settings side
  • Various options for the Privacy Trigger

In the Browser SDK: Customers who have decided on the Browser SDK Version can decide to completely individualize the design of their UI.

Yes, by using the Browser SDK and self-programmable UI. You can learn about how that works here: https://docs.usercentrics.com/#/browser-sdk.

Are there best practices for the design of the custom UI?

Yes, these are identical to general best practices regarding best practices in relation to Opt-in optimization.

How much time should I reserve for creating our own UI?

That depends entirely on what you want to implement. We would be glad to put you in touch with one of our partners to get an initial cost estimate. Feel free to contact our partners Comspace GmbH and TWT Digital Group GmbH.

My data protection officer has been demanding for weeks that I show the categories in the 1st layer. Is that possible in CMP Version 2?

Yes it is. The corresponding configuration options can be found in the Admin interface under “Appearance” -> “Settings” -> “Display categories”


Admin Interface

Can I put together my custom UI in the Admin Interface or do I need to define it outside the tool?

The UI lies completely on the customer side here and must be defined outside the tool.

Is Custom CSS still available in CMP Version 2?

No, you can now design the UI completely as you wish which prevents website problems occurring in combination with your own CSS as well as offering additional individualization options.

The Browser UI potentially offers me too little individuality, can Usercentrics help me with programming our own UIs?

Usercentrics works with partners who are happy to assist you with this. We’ll gladly put you in touch. Contact our partners Comspace GmbH and TWT Digital Group GmbH.

Can I copy previously entered Custom DPSs directly from a V1 settings ID directly into another V2 ID?

If the same Settings ID is used this is possible without any difficulty because the services are automatically carried over. However, a new settings ID must first be configured.


Features & Timelines

Which features are currently available?

  • Cross-Device & Cross-Domain
  • TCF 2.0
  • CCPA
  • GDPR
  • Branding (configuration options mentioned above)

Is there a preview like in Admin Interface V 1?

  • Yes

In what way will Reporting be possible in the CMP Version 2?

A developed analytics area together with detailed CSV reporting will be available. Reports are currently visible in Admin Interface V1.

Will there be the analytics graphic in V2 as in V1?

Yes, and even wider in scope.

Can I share custom data processing services via various settings IDs?

Yes, we expect a shared services feature to be available soon.

Can I make changes to CMP 2 for various settings IDs via batch edit?

Yes, this function is currently being developed by Usercentrics and is expected to be available soon.