Browser UI – How to migrate from Consent Management Platform v1 to v2

Browser UI – How to migrate from Consent Management Platform v1 to v2

Ongoing optimizations and great new features of our CMP are in version 2. We’ve answered common questions about migrating.
by Usercentrics
Nov 6, 2021
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Version 2 of Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) brings a wide variety of optimizations and new features, and our team is always hard at work adding more. Get even more functionality and flexibility to build user trust and optimize your key KPIs.


The following FAQ addresses the migration from CMP v1 to CMP v2 to help your company make the change smoothly. Contact our support team or your Customer Success Manager with any questions and begin your migration to CMP v2.


What are the additional benefits of v2 of the Consent Management Platform? Why should I migrate?

Version 2 of the Consent Management Platform comes with many enhancements, many of which are only available in this version, depending on your plan. Some of these include:

  • Substantially reduced file size and faster loading times
  • Performance optimized UI
  • WCAG 2.1 AA web accessibility certification
  • Cross-Device Consent Sharing
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard and Reporting
  • A/B Testing with third-party tool
  • Self-programmable UI and CMP behavior with Browser SDK



How long will v1 of the Consent Management Platform be supported?

There is not a set date yet, but customers will be notified well in advance. It is also important to note that new features will only be added to v2.



Do I need CMP v2 to be able to use the CMP with the In-App SDK?

Yes, the In-App SDK is configured in the v2 Admin Interface, so will not work in v1. We recommend v2 in combination with the In-App SDK to guarantee a seamless user experience on websites and apps (e.g. with features like Cross-Device Consent Sharing).



Do I need CMP V2 to obtain consent in accordance with TCF 2.0?

Yes, because TCF 2.0 was not yet available with v1, it’s only included with v2, so that’s the only version that can enable TCF 2.0-compliant consent.


Does the CMP version 2 needs to be activated within my account?

Yes, the CMP v2 needs to be activated by Usercentrics for each Settings ID. In order to do so, please contact us via the ticketing system or email your Customer Success Manager. Once activated, you can switch to the new CMP v2 in the Admin Interface.



Are there instructions for the migration and/or the implementation of CMP v2?

We also have video guides for migration:

To give you a quick overview of the migration process (full details in our videos or the linked documentation), here’s a handy checklist:

  1. Create a ticket or contact your Customer Success Manager to activate your CMP v2 in the Admin Interface.
  2. Exchange the CMP script tag.
  3. Adjust tags in your tag manager (new event + “once per page”).
  4. Check your implementation for custom HTML (e.g. in the banner message).
  5. Adjust the styling of your CMP.
  6. Adjust the content (e.g. banner message).
  7. Optionally, also adjust:
    • API
    • HTML Embeddings
    • Event Listener
    • Privacy Link

Note: Consents will be automatically transferred if the same Settings ID is being used in the script tag.



Do I have to start a new implementation when migrating to CMP v2?

To migrate to CMP v2, please replace the current Usercentrics script with the new script, which you can find in your Usercentrics Admin Interface.


If you integrate Data Processing Services using the Google Tag Manager, please adjust your tags’ existing variables and triggers: Google Tag Manager configuration for CMP v2


If you use the following, they will also need to be changed, as they differ between v1 and v2:

  • API
  • HTML Embeddings
  • Event Listener
  • Privacy Link

Nothing will change for Data Processing Services that you have integrated directly into your source code. These can still be adjusted: Direct integration of the Usercentrics CMP into your website



Will existing stored consents from v1 be transferred to v2?

Provided that the Settings ID remains the same, previously obtained consents can be transferred over to v2. There is a script integrated in v2 that adjusts the local storage from v1 to v2.


v2 is not backwards compatible, so converting consents from v2 to v1 is not possible.

Will there be an API interface in CMP v2?

Yes. The available functions can be found in our Browser UI API documentation.



Can Usercentrics recommend a partner for the implementation of CMP v2?

Our partners Comspace GmbH or TWT Digital Group GmbH will be glad to assist you with the implementation.

User Interface and Configuration

Where can I see an example of the browser UI in action?

It’s in use right on the Usercentrics website.



What does the v2 user interface look like?


First layer predefined UI:

first layer


Second layer predefined UI:

second layer


What are the customization options for v2?


The following customizations can be made in the predefined UI:

  • Logo
  • Brand color
  • Font
  • Banner or Wall
  • Categories in the first layer
  • Deny button: Yes or No
  • Privacy Settings: various options
  • Privacy Trigger: various options

Customers using the Browser SDK can completely customize their CMP user interface.



Can I fully customize the consent management strategy and UI with v2?

Yes, by using the Browser SDK and self-programmable UI you can customize all aspects of appearance and messaging. Learn about how that works in our Browser SDK documentation.



Are there best practices for the design of the custom UI?

Yes, they are the same as the best practices recommended for opt-in optimization.



How time or resource intensive is creating a customized UI?

That depends entirely on what you want to implement. We would be glad to put you in touch with one of our partners to get an initial cost estimate. Feel free to contact our partners Comspace GmbH or TWT Digital Group GmbH. Our support team can also address some questions, though they cannot assist with implementation.



My Data Protection Officer has said that we need to show categories in the first layer. Is that possible in CMP v2?

Yes, the corresponding configuration options can be found in the Admin interface under Appearance > Layout > First Layer > Display categories.


Admin Interface png


Note: Displaying the categories in the first layer is only possible for Business and Enterprise Plans.



Can I customize the UI in the Admin Interface?

Yes, we offer extensive customization features for the v2 CMP, which can be accessed (and previewed) in the Admin Interface.



Is Custom CSS available in CMP v2?

Custom CSS is available upon request in v2 for Business and Enterprise plans. However, note that any CSS updates made by the customer after Usercentrics’ Support has enabled the feature for a specific Settings ID are done at the customer’s own risk. We cannot support CSS troubleshooting.



The Browser UI is not customizable enough. Can Usercentrics help us develop our own UIs?

Usercentrics’ partners are happy to assist you with custom development. You can contact them at Comspace GmbH or TWT Digital Group GmbH.



Can I copy existing custom Data Processing Services directly from a v1 Settings ID to a different v2 Settings ID?

This would depend on a number of factors. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss your specific implementation.


What features are currently available in v2?

  • Cross-Device & Cross-Domain Sharing
  • GDPR, CCPA and TCF 2.0 support
  • Customized UI
  • WCAG 2.1 AA Web Accessibility Certification
  • and more!


Can I preview the UI in the Admin Interface like in v1?

Yes, in the Appearance settings you can customize the UI, and then click the Preview button at the bottom left of the screen, above the Save button.


Admin Interface png


This will display a preview of your customized UI as it will look once you have saved the new settings.





How will reporting work in v2?

Reporting is available via the Dashboard or CSV download. Advanced Analytics is in closed beta, though will be expanded in the future, and a number of other features are in development. Learn more about Analytics & Insights.





Will v2 have the analytics graph like v1?

Yes, and we have expanded the functionality in v2 for customizable analytics with filtering so you can get the full view of your data, gain critical insights, continually optimize and measure your progress against your marketing KPIs.



Can I share custom Data Processing Services via multiple Settings IDs?

Yes, sharing custom DPS among multiple Settings IDs is possible with the Enterprise plan.



Can I make batch edits in v2 for various Settings IDs?

That function is currently in closed beta for v2 and is available for Enterprise customers upon request to their Customer Success Manager.



To learn more, we welcome you to get in touch to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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