Usercentrics, the leading Consent Management Platform (CMP) for enterprises, publishers, and agencies, empowers companies to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users across platforms. Usercentrics solution is easy-to-implement, fully customizable and legally safe. Partnering with over agencies, technologies and data protection experts across 10+ countries, Usercentric’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, real-time monitoring, in-depth opt-in testing and in-page opt-in optimization tools, and more help the world’s leading organizations to implement a transparent Consent Management and achieve GDPR compliance. 

Featured Press

„DSGVO: Wie gut die großen Onlineshops wirklich gerüstet sind“

// eng. GDPR: How well prepared large online shops really are

„Das sind die spannendsten Innovationen im Marketing“

// eng. These are the Most Exciting Innovations in Marketing

„Praxisbeispiele und konkrete Handlungsanweisungen zur DSGVO“

// eng. Practical Examples and Concrete Guidance for GDPR

„Fünf Punkte, die Website-Betreiber bei der DSGVO nicht vergessen dürfen“

// eng. Five Points which Website Operators should not forget with GDPR

„Hilfe für Firmen in „Schockstarre““

// eng. Help for Companies in “ Shock Rigidity“

„Gründerstory Usercentrics: Mit Software für die DSG-VO gerüstet“

// eng. Founder Story Usercentrics: Prepared for GDPR with Software

Usercentrics Newsroom

Press Release | 2018/09/18

„Usercentrics raises millions in growth funding“

Press Release | 2018/09/10

„Usercentrics is official CMP of dmexco“

Press Release | 2018/03/27

„More than 70% of Websites are not GDPR-compliant“

Press Release | 2018/05/14

„Usercentrics cooperates with e-dialog in Austria“

Press Release | 2018/03/27

„More than 70% of Websites are not GDPR-compliant“

Press Release | 2018/03/14

„Usercentrics helps websites to become GDPR-compliant“



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