Usercentrics CMO Adelina Peltea talks about data privacy
Press Usercentrics CMO interview with G2 explores the evolution of data privacy and privacy-led marketing

Usercentrics CMO interview with G2 explores the evolution of data privacy and privacy-led marketing

G2 features an interview with Usercentrics CMO Adelina Peltea on how data privacy is reshaping the internet and digital markets, how to become a driving force for change, and build better customer relationships with privacy-led marketing.
May 2, 2024
Usercentrics CMO Adelina Peltea talks about data privacy
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G2, the web’s largest software marketplace, asked Usercentrics CMO Adelina Peltea about why data privacy is one of the hottest growth industries, what’s driving the growth of privacy-led marketing, finding balance between privacy and personalization, and more.

A lot has changed for digital marketers in the last few years, and the evolution of digital markets, marketing operations, and customer relationships is nowhere near completed. Data privacy compliance is no longer just a regulatory requirement. Big tech platforms and consumers have added their influence to push for change as well.

In this G2 interview, in addition to getting to know her a bit better, Adelina Peltea looks at how data privacy and privacy-led marketing are a natural evolution of cloud-based computing and SaaS. She explores similarities and differences in privacy compliance among industries, what unique challenges there are in adopting and embracing it, and ways marketers are adapting.

She also looks at how to obtain higher quality data with consent and how to use it in smarter ways, the future of privacy-led marketing, growing trends, and some success stories happening already.

The article also touches on:

  • Questions companies should ask themselves as they’re working toward privacy-led marketing operations
  • Emerging trends in privacy-led marketing
  • Strategies and tools to help companies turn data privacy into a competitive advantage
  • and much more…


”If you use data well, and especially if you collect consent contextually, you have a higher consent rate because then people know they want to do a specific thing. It makes more sense than collecting all information from the first time someone lands on a website.“
Adelina Peltea, CMO, Usercentrics

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About Adelina Peltea

Adelina Peltea stands at the forefront of marketing innovation as the Chief Marketing Officer at Usercentrics, where her vision and expertise are pivotal in steering the company towards its ambitious goal of transforming the internet. Her leadership is rooted in the belief that businesses can flourish while prioritizing privacy and respecting individuals’ data consents, embodying the future of privacy-led growth in the digital age.