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Opt-in Analytics & Optimization – The Opt-in Rate as a new KPI in Marketing

Since the GDPR came into effect in May 2018, no website operator can circumvent the use of a Consent Management Platform (CMP). However, this in no way means that you have to accept restrictions in online marketing. On the contrary, now it is more relevant than ever for digital marketers among us to pay close attention. Why? Because it is time for a new KPI in marketing: opt-in rate. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to optimize your opt-in rates – starting with various options for A/B testing and ending with the most significant lever, namely reducing the “no-action rate”.


  • The current legal environment and requirements for Consent compliance
  • Tips & practical examples for the use of a CMP with legal certainty and a high opt-in rate


Marketing and IT managers, corporate lawyers, website operators and agencies.



Hanna Waldenmaier - Usercentrics Team

Hanna Waldenmaier

Vice President Global Partnerships
Usercentrics GmbH

Hanna Waldenmaier has already worked for companies such as Google and Salesforce and has gained extensive experience in sales and customer success in the digital SaaS industry. As Vice President Global Partnerships at Usercentrics GmbH, Hanna is responsible for the acquisition and enablement of our partners. In addition to her daily work, she organizes MeetUps in the SaaS B2B start-up sector and enjoys participating in similar networking events.

Tilman Harmeling - Usercentrics Team

Tilman Harmeling

Entrepreneur in Residence
Usercentrics GmbH

Before joining Usercentrics, Tilman Harmeling implemented a model for the optimization of electricity trading at the Technical University of Munich. Later he came to the GDPR and Privacy Tech topics. As Entrepreneur in Residence at Usercentrics GmbH, he is driving forward his own data-driven projects. One of his focus topics is Opt-in Analysis.

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