Privacy challenges for global companies

Privacy challenges for global companies

by Usercentrics
Sep 20, 2021

With the start of privacy regulations worldwide, future business models dependent on data can be at risk. To get an overview about it & find solutions, we will talk about the following aspects:

  • What are the current challenges for global companies in a privacy & data-driven world
  • How to solve those challenges?



Tilman Harmeling - Usercentrics Team

Tilman Harmeling

Entrepreneur in Residence
Usercentrics GmbH

Born & raised in Privacy, Tilman started to work for Usercentrics in 2018 & earned a variety of experiences about how privacy markets work. As an Entrepreneur in Residence, his goals are to understand & find opportunities in the privacy landscape. Therefore he works not just with global companies & universities, but also gives talks about current privacy topics (PrivSec Global, OMR, DMEXCO,...).

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