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by Usercentrics
Aug 23, 2022
Find out how we’re boosting your performance
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We’re into the dog days of summer, but we’re making sure you never break a sweat while ensuring compliance.


Third country data transfer filter

Third country data transfer filter

The Schrems II decision by the European Court of Justice in July 2020 cancelled the Privacy Shield agreement that protected the transfer of data between the EU and US.


Since then the US has been considered a third country under the GDPR as it does not guarantee a sufficient level of privacy protection. US corporate entities or state institutions could still access the personal data of EU residents, despite encryption, pseudonymization, etc.


We now enable you to provide more transparency to your users regarding third country data sharing. In the CMP’s Admin Interface under the Data Processing Services tab there is a checkbox under Settings to enable you to flag services in use that transfer data to a third country (like the US). This new filter is available both for our Data Processing Services (DPS) as well as all vendors on the IAB global vendors list, if you are using our TCF 2.0 CMP.

1-Third Country Data Transfer Filter



Our new Consent Mediation feature automatically passes consent to selected third-party SDKs in your app, for more seamless functions.


This feature leverages the open privacy APIs of third-party SDKs to pass the given consent to them in our Consent Banner. This saves you from having to maintain these connections, and enables your compliance right out of the gate.


As a beta, we are currently only supporting Firebase, Unity Ads, AppLovin and Ironsource. We will be expanding support in time and by demand.


What is it and why do you need it?


Companies have to manage an ever-increasing volume of customer data. In addition to wanting to get maximum value from this data, they also have responsibilities to get consent to collect it, store it securely, and leverage it across other third-party platforms like Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and data warehouses.


A CDP is an increasingly popular way to store first-party data, enabling greater control over and organization of data, removing silos, and providing opportunities for powerful integrations, like with a CMP. CMP integration also helps keep user consent preferences in sync.


Usercentrics has great CDP partners like Tealium and Zeotap.


The Tealium extension for Usercentrics provides an easy and automated way to get consent and tag management tools talking. Tealium connects customer data – spanning web, mobile, offline, and IoT devices — so brands can connect with their customers and create a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure. The Tealium Customer Data Hub encompasses tag management, an API hub, a customer data platform with machine learning, and data management solutions that make customer data more valuable, actionable, and secure.


The Usercentrics CMP enables user consent to be obtained in compliance with the GDPR. Zeotap takes it a step further. They compare the consent with the Zeotap ID, so that the consent and that user ID can be directly linked and transmitted to an in-house Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP). Zeotap offers an identity and data platform that advertising companies can use to analyze and enrich their own CRM data sets to prepare them for targeting purposes.

Server-Side Tagging


Web technologies are changing fast. Third-party cookies and browser-based tracking are on their way out. But the shift to first-party data requires companies to store a lot more customer data on their servers, and often implement solutions like customer data platforms and data warehouses.


But then what? Companies need to be able to activate stored first-party data, and customer preferences need to be accessible to determine which data can be shared. Current tracking restrictions create large data gaps on the conversion path, which makes understanding the customer purchase journey difficult, and affects profitability. Profitable advertising in the future will require server-side tracking.


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Join our beta testing community


Usercentrics is looking for curious, passionate customers and partners for the UC Innovation Community. This is our beta testing community of people who like to be on the cutting edge. Who like to build, break, and make things better. These early adopters will actively help in our development process and be the first to try out new features. The UC Innovation Community will receive:

  • exclusive updates on what we’re building, and new products and features we’re considering
  • direct interactions with our Product team
  • early access to new and complementary products beyond consent management that are not yet widely available
  • continuous feedback mechanisms to shape product development, including interviews to explore new product concepts — invest building the next generation of tools


Migration to CMP v2


If you still have CMP v1, you can now migrate to CMP v2. Access our migration documentation here.


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