8 of the top Termly alternatives for privacy compliance in 2024
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8 of the top Termly alternatives for privacy compliance in 2024

Compliance isn’t one size fits all. We explore a range of Termly alternatives to fit various privacy compliance use cases.
by Usercentrics
Jun 27, 2024
8 of the top Termly alternatives for privacy compliance in 2024
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Termly is a popular consent management platform (CMP) with out of the box features to enable data privacy compliance. However, Termly restricts users to a single domain per license, so it might not meet your company’s needs. Fortunately, there are plenty of Termly alternatives to consider.


We explore eight Termly alternatives that will enable you to compliantly collect, use, and share customer data, as well as inform users about your data privacy and use operations. Through them, you can secure customer data and provide mechanisms for people to control their personal information.


Eight of the top Termly alternatives:

  1. Usercentrics
  2. CookieYes
  3. GRC Toolbox
  4. Osano
  5. TermsFeed
  6. TrustArc
  7. LogicGate Risk Cloud
  8. MineOS

Termly competitors

Software Key feature Recommended for Pricing*
Usercentrics Granular analytics: In-depth insights into user behavior All-in-one consent management From USD 60/month
CookieYes Unlimited scans: View performance across your entire website Non-tech teams From USD 10/month (free plan available)
GRC Toolbox Data protection impact assessment: Identify potential data protection issues early on Large enterprises with complex compliance requirements Custom pricing
Osano “No Fines, No Penalties” Pledge: Assurance you’re protected against compliance-related fines Basic consent management solutions Custom pricing
Termsfeed Questionnaire-based generator: Answer some questions to generate custom documentation Ecommerce USD 10/month; priced per privacy policy (free documents available)
TrustArc Privacy Program consulting: Consult with human privacy experts to improve compliance B2B businesses Custom pricing
LogicGate Risk Cloud Open RESTful API: Developer-friendly integration with your existing tech stack Businesses with large tech stacks Custom pricing
MineOS Fast setup: Average time to go live is 10x faster than competitors Speedy implementation Custom pricing

*As of June 2024

Why could you need a Termly alternative?

Here are the top three reasons why a Termly alternative may better suit your business needs:

  • Multi-website management: Although Termly provides one to two legal policies across its lower-level paid plans, and unlimited policies on its Pro+ and Agency plans, it restricts you to one domain per license. Businesses that manage privacy policies for multiple websites must purchase additional domain licenses for multi-domain management.
  • Pricing: Termly provides plans and pricing on its website. However, given the limitations around domains, costs may add up when managing multiple websites that each require new licenses. Plus, you need the Agency plan for bulk importing features, training, and onboarding to the platform.
  • Customer support issues: Some G2 reviewers have reported delays and insufficient support when contacting Termly’s customer service representatives about conflicts in their product agreements.

8 of the top Termly alternatives

Compliance software can be a crucial tool for meeting legal and regulatory standards, but given the range of businesses’ needs, Termly is unlikely to be the perfect fit for every use case.


We explore eight of the top alternatives to Termly, highlighting the unique features, benefits, and drawbacks of each solution.

1. Usercentrics



Usercentrics empowers businesses of all sizes to meet data privacy regulation requirements. It enables you to collect, securely store, document, and signal user consent on mobile apps and websites in 60 languages. The platform is developed in line with the GDPR, CCPA, DMA, and other major regulations — making it a comprehensive privacy compliance solution.


A user-friendly interface enables you to set up and customize privacy notices with just a few clicks. The platform is also compatible with a wide range of website platforms, marketing automation tools, and CRM platforms.


Non-technical users might face a learning curve when first using the platform’s advanced features, but there is excellent customer support to help you through these processes. Indeed, The Heyjobs legal team praised Usercentrics for its comprehensive support and guidance during the recent Usercentrics CMP implementation for its web and mobile platforms.

Notable features

  • Granular consent management: Save time and resources with the extensive service database to quickly identify, classify, and communicate the data processing services in use.
  • Extensive compatibility: Add Usercentrics to your existing tech stack with user-friendly functionality for technical and non-technical teams.
  • Smart Data Protector: Prevent third parties from accessing user data unless your website or app visitor expressly consents
  • Outstanding analytics: Monitor user interactions and granular analytics with flexible reporting to gain valuable insights for optimizing engagement and compliance strategies​.


  • Starter: USD 60/month (one configuration on one domain, up to 50,000 sessions)
  • Advanced: USD 175–1,150/month (unlimited configurations and domains, 50,000+ sessions)
  • Premium: Custom pricing for all Advanced features plus a dedicated customer service manager, bulk editing for multiple CMP configurations, and Enterprise Single Sign-on.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
30-day free trial Analytics data is only available for 90 days
Extensive customization features for web and native apps
Detailed analysis of interactions, consents, and use of data processing services

Usercentrics vs Termly


Starting with its Advanced package, Usercentrics has no restrictions on the number of domains and configurations for 50,000+ sessions. Plus, G2 users ranked Usercentrics over Termy for feature updates and roadmaps, and ongoing product support.

Future-proof your compliance

Simplify consent management and stay ahead of changing privacy regulations with Usercentrics’ flexible and scalable CMP

2. CookieYes




CookieYes is an easy to use cookie management CMP for website owners looking to streamline global compliance. While its customizable cookie banners help businesses fulfill requirements of the GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations, some users raised concerns around notice translations.

Notable features

  • Free trial: Try CookieYes at no cost for 14 days
  • Unlimited scans: View performance across your entire website
  • Privacy Policy Generator: Generate a custom privacy policy for your website
  • Real-time consent logs: View all required consent information instantly
  • Complete customization: Customize cookie banners with CSS


  • Free: USD 0/month (one domain, up to 25,000 page views)
  • Basic: USD 10/month or USD 100/year (one domain, up to 100,000 page views)
  • Pro: USD 20/month or USD 200/year (one domain, up to 300,000 page views)
  • Ultimate: USD 40/month or USD 400/year (one domain, unlimited page views)
✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Cookie policy template and wizard Geotargeting only available on the Pro and Ultimate plans
Cookie scanners are standard on free and paid versions
Multilingual support

3. GRC Toolbox by Swiss GRC


Swiss GRC’s GRC Toolbox integrates governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) functionalities into a single platform, and is used by over 10,000 users across the globe. It covers a range of features, including risk management, internal controls, and compliance monitoring.

Notable features

  • Data protection impact assessments: Identify potential data protection issues to catch potential problems early
  • Data breach management: Record data protection incidents and notify users
  • Workflow support: Embed data protection requirements into projects and other relevant activities
  • Document management: Store and secure all documentation related to data protection
  • Transfer impact assessment: Identify risks to any personal data that’s transferred between countries



Contact SwissGRC for pricing.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Ranked highly by Capterra users for ease of use and customer service No mobile application for Android or iOS devices
Cloud document encryption


Simplify consent management with a Google-certified CMP

Improve user experience and support compliance by integrating our web and app CMP for smooth and transparent consent processes.

4. Osano



Osano’s stated mission is to help businesses increase customer trust by enabling compliance with various data privacy regulations. The CMP’s list of features ranges from consent banners to vendor lawsuit alerts. However, its options for customization are limited.

 Notable features

  • Pre-built assessments: Use templates to drive evaluations and prove compliance
  • Subject rights management: Automate the DSAR workflow to fulfill data subjects’ requests timeously
  • Unified consent and preference hub: Go beyond consent and integrate customer consent and preference choices across your data ecosystem
    “No Fines, No Penalties” Pledge: Osano’s confidence in their product means you’re protected against paying compliance-related fines, up to USD 200,000, when you’re using their product
  • Blockchain storage: Keep your consent records on a secure blockchain



There are three Osano platform editions. Contact the company for details.

  • Privacy & Trust Assurance
  • Privacy Essentials
  • Privacy Operations & Governance

You can also sign up for self-service cookie consent, choosing from two monthly tiers:

  • Free: One user, one domain, up to 5,000 visitors
  • Plus: Two users, three domains, up to 30,000 visitors
✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Rated highly for quality of support and ease of use by G2 reviewers Limited options for customization
Dynamically generates policies based on user location
Identifies and blocks third-party scripts in real time

5. TermsFeed


TermsFeed is a cost effective solution for online sellers looking to meet ecommerce consent requirements. The solution includes consent management features via its Privacy Consent CMP, but the bulk of its functionality relates to generating legal document templates, such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, and disclaimers. And after the first policy, you have to pay per policy generated.

Notable features

  • 9+ privacy laws covered: Enables compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and more
  • Cookie consent: Manage cookies, scripts, and embeds from a central platform
  • Questionnaire-based generator: Answer a few questions to indicate how the Privacy Consent tool should work, and install on your site with a single line of code
  • Multiple templates: Use one of TermFeed’s ten templates to create privacy policies and disclaimers


  • Free Policy: Generate and download a variety of simple policies in a variety of formats
  • Premium Policy: Pay-per-policy, with prices based on included provisions, from USD 10 to USD 82 per provision
  • Privacy Consent: USD 10/month, with unlimited pages and additional subdomains
✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Free simple policies No reporting and analytics
Generate consent banners via questionnaire
Includes geolocation and translate consent banners translate into over 10 languages

6. TrustArc



TrustArc advertises having a strong focus on automation, and that they help businesses manage customer consent and preferences efficiently. The company provides a centralized view of data and privacy management activities via its platform, PrivacyCentral, and boasts a five-week decrease in time to compliance.

Notable features

  • Universal consent: Simplify cross-channel customer consent and preferences via a single, transparent portal
  • TRUSTe certifications and verifications: Get an independent review of your data privacy management practices
  • Privacy Program consulting: Consult with human privacy experts to improve compliance
  • Trust Center: Consolidate policies, disclosures, and other documentation
  • Nymity research: Organize your privacy and vendor assessment with customizable, pre-built assessment tools



Contact TrustArc for pricing and a demo.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
You can export and share reports, including audit trails Dashboard reports are standardized 
Easy to use, once implementation is done
Includes library of over 100 global privacy and security laws and standards

7. LogicGate Risk Cloud


LogicGate Risk Cloud is one of the few drag-and-drop privacy compliance tools on the market. This functionality can make it easy for teams with little technical knowledge to use the tool.


LogicGate Risk Cloud is also a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution, and approaches privacy compliance from the perspective of cybersecurity risk management. It enables you to optimize business processes and workflows to meet regulatory requirements.

Notable features

  • Integrations: Connect LogicGate Risk Cloud to dozens of enterprise software tools and systems
  • Controls repository: Map controls for 25+ security and privacy frameworks
  • Open RESTful API: Developer-friendly integration with your existing tech stack
  • Ongoing support: Meet with customer success representatives to review your business goals and adjust your privacy strategy
  • Risk Cloud documents: Automate and centralize documentation



The website doesn’t list pricing. LogicGate Risk Cloud builds custom solutions, so pricing is based on your selected applications.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
No-code solution No sandbox to test changes before they go live
Uses FAIR risk analysis
Easy to use tool

8. MineOS




MineOS, a Usercentrics partner, is a lightweight tool that businesses can get up and running in just 1.5 days (that’s 98% faster than other CMPs, according to MineOS). This tool delivers powerful DSR automation (now available on Usercentrics dashboards) and deep data mapping.

Notable features

  • AI data discovery: Get a full view of how AI tools retain and share data to enable compliant AI-related policies and usage
  • Deep data mapping: Ongoing data mapping uncovers all systems in use, as well as the individuals who have access
  • One-click DSAR fulfillment: See and share all interactions with users in one click; delete data across integrations in a few more
  • Full transparency: Provide customers with detailed information about each cookie to receive valid consent
  • Vendor privacy risk management: See comprehensive cyber posture ratings — which combine application, network, IT, and human risks for a holistic assessment of overall cybersecurity risk — for each vendor that can access your customers’ data



MineOS offers three plans:

  • Request Handling
  • Data Mapping
  • Consent Management

Aside from the free trial for the Request Handling Starter package, pricing is not available on the website.


✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Automatically updates data processes Some customization limitations noted by G2 users
G2 leader for fastest implementation, for Spring 2024
Great customer support

Selection criteria for a Termly alternative

Businesses looking for a Termly alternative need a solution with robust compliance tools that can scale along with them. Many teams will also want a solution that is easy to use and enables compliance with major privacy regulations, including the GDPR and CCPA.

  • Here are some other features to look out for:
  • Privacy policy generator and cookie consent banner generator
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Multi-website and/or multi-domain management
  • Enables data mapping
  • Enables document and cookie consent management
  • Specialization or tailored features for your industry or business size
  • Strong security tools, including user and access management

Find the best Termly alternative for your business

Compliance isn’t a one size fits-all approach. If Termly isn’t ideal for your business, there are several Termly alternatives that do everything from generating privacy policies and cookie consent banners, to monitoring and reporting on your adherence to various regulations.


Each of the alternatives we’ve outlined offers unique benefits. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your industry and business size, as well as your current and future operational needs.


With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of consent management features, Usercentrics is a powerful all-in-one CMP for businesses of all sizes. We recommend it as the platform to help ensure you comply with the GDPR, CCPA, DMA, and other major regulations with ease.

Future-proof your compliance

Simplify consent management and stay ahead of changing privacy regulations with Usercentrics’ flexible and scalable CMP

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