The iab Transparency & Consent Framework

The iab Transparency & Consent Framework

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The iab consent framework by the iab Tech Lab specifies the way, a consent is saved and forwarded between technologies like DSP’s, DMP’s and SSP’s.

It contains three major elements:

  • Consent Management Provider JavaScript API
  • Consent string and vendor list
  • Mobile In-App CMP

It provides you with a pubvendors.json technology, which provides control to publishers to white- and blacklist vendors.

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Pubvendors.Json Technology

IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework will help the advertising industry to comply with the EU data protection and privacy rules, named General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can find the pubvendors.json here:

The IAB consent framework enables publishers to limit their GDPR liability and enables them to express their legitimate interest as a legal basis.

Consent Management Platforms (CMP) like Usercentrics help you as a publisher to get the user consent in a compliant and transparent way.

  • Get and save the user consent
  • Show granular vendor list, that is actually in use
  • Give the user the right to opt-out
  • Connection with the tag management (e.g. GTM) to respect the consent

Dirk Lajosbanyai, managing director ad agents GmbH: Usercentrics helps us and our clients to stay GDPR compliant and load Tags in the right order and after the user consent is given. This solution gives us the chance to gain more trust.


In case you have more questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact our publisher team.