What Is A Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

What Is A Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

A CMP aka Consent Management Platform is normally used by advertisers, publishers and agencies and consist of 3 major elements
by Usercentrics
Sep 26, 2018
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CMP Definition

A CMP aka Consent Management Platform is normally used by advertisers, publishers and agencies and consist of 3 major elements

  • Obtaining and save consent in a GDPR compliant manner inside the CMP
  • Administrate the consent in a privacy-by-design logic
  • Distribute the consent from the CMP to 3rd-party technologies
  • In addition to helping with GDPR CMPs help with other regulations including CCPA, POPIA and LGPD

A CMP (Consent Management Plattform) helps you as advertiser to get the GDPR and ePR consent in a informed and transparent way. We will get and save the consent, hold it 6 years, document consent prior and informed. Make sure to stay compliant with the GDPR and ePR law and take care about these CMP factors. Characteristics of a valid compliant consent management platform:

  • freely
  • informed
  • explicit
  • concrete
  • prior
  • easy to opt-out
  • documented

All these factors need to be part of your CMP, making it complicated to use a client-side solution. GDPR is very strict on consent and makes sure, that you save consents on server-side, holding a consent database and always being able to show individual consents prior loading tags.

5 Easy Steps To Install And Update Your CMP

#1 Install CMP

  • The CMP can easily be integrated into the existing Website
  • To install a Consent Management Platform (CMP) you need to put the Javascript code into your Tag Management System (e.g. GTM) or directly into the website code.

#2 Connect To The Tag Management

  • Your Tag Management System (e.g. GTM) need to react to the CMP
  • After installing the CMP to your website, you need to add the trigger to all tags, so they can be delivered based on your CMP priority.

#3 Configure Processor

  • GDPR requests you to store the consent very granular
  • Each Processor needs to be part of the CMP setting, so a user can select / unselect each processor, e.g. CRITEO, Taboola or other, individually.

#4 Set Color And Design

  • The Usercentrics CMP allows you to get your individual CI design
  • We recognized that the individual design makes a big change in Conversion Rates and Opt-In Rates: We are continuously optimizing and A/B testing those opt-in ratios to make sure, your CMP works with the best opt-in rate that is possible. You can individually configure design, colors, texts and button labels.

#5 Test, Live And A/B Test

  • Now you can test and improve your Opt-In
  • You can test your CMP implementation at any time and take it live, whenever you think it’s stable and fits your needs. Make sure all controller and processor are set within the CMP and that the CMP behaviour is aligned with the Tag Management Logic, e.g. Google Tag Manager GTM.
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