Usercentrics featured in G2 exploring the perfect privacy experience
Press Usercentrics featured in G2 exploring the perfect privacy experience

Usercentrics featured in G2 exploring the perfect privacy experience

G2 features Usercentrics CEO Donna Dror on what makes up the perfect online privacy experience, the benefits of personalization, and the importance of consent in privacy compliance and building trust.
Apr 8, 2024
Usercentrics featured in G2 exploring the perfect privacy experience
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G2, the web’s largest software marketplace, asked Usercentrics CEO Donna Dror about achieving the perfect online privacy experience, how to create personalized experiences that people love, and why consent is so important for companies beyond regulatory compliance.


People like receiving personalized experiences from companies — under the right circumstances. But why do companies tend to be so much better at delivering the personal touch in the “real world” than online, where more often it can feel like being spied on.


People are sharing their data online all the time. But for a long time, companies rarely told people what data they were collecting, by what means, for what purposes, and who might have access to it. That isn’t great for building trust, and isn’t a good privacy experience, let alone a perfect one.


Dror notes that data privacy regulations increasingly require companies to provide this kind of information to consumers, but that’s the bare minimum. Companies need to be user-centric, thinking more about what they can do for customers than what companies can get from them.


Companies also need to embrace data privacy as a growth catalyst and business advantage or get left behind as the legal and tech landscapes evolve, as well as digital markets.


The article also touches on:

  • What privacy by design is and how it benefits companies and user experience
  • The value of consent management and a well-designed consent banner
  • What preference management is and how it works in the marketing ecosystem with privacy and consent
  • And much more…


Online, we create data constantly, and we are almost always being tracked. But few people have any idea how much, or where that data goes, who gets access to it, or what it’s used for. Trying to hide those actions isn’t good business, privacy-compliant, or user-friendly. Smart companies embrace transparency and choice — they clearly explain the benefits of consenting to data use for the consumer and for the company.
Donna Dror, CEO Usercentrics



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Donna Dror


About Donna Dror

Donna Dror is the CEO at Usercentrics, global market leader in the Consent and Preference Management space. She has been with the company since January 2022.
Donna is Israeli, and has also lived in South Africa and England. She has been in NYC since 2015, but now spends 6 months of the year in Europe, alternating bimonthly among Usercentrics’ offices.
Donna has also been an Advisor at Full In Venture Partners, a software-focused early growth investment fund, since May 2019.
Donna is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion; people management; efficient operational scale and how technology can drive positive impact in the world we live in.
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