UC casestudy with Shaping new tomorrow

Case study with Shaping New Tomorrow

Extending strong ethics and great customer experience to online data privacy compliance while growing the business.
by Usercentrics
Mar 2, 2023
UC casestudy with Shaping new tomorrow
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As an EU-based retail company with an international client base, Shaping New Tomorrow has complex privacy compliance needs. They need to be compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy requirements, plus potentially with additional regulations as their business expands. They also need access to user data to optimize and drive that expansion.

At the same time, a dedicated focus on their customers and great experience is core to the business, and that focus extends to data privacy and consent management. They want to build long-term relationships with customers, and building trust by respecting their privacy is important.

Shaping New Tomorrow has particularly valued the full customization functionality of the Usercentrics CMP, and had a fast and intuitive onboarding experience, finding features like the DPS database to be a time saver. It was also key that the CMP integrated seamlessly with their existing tracking setup and Google Consent Mode, which was not a problem as Usercentrics is a certified partner for Google Consent Mode.

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