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Shaping New Tomorrow chooses Usercentrics CMP

Shaping New Tomorrow and Usercentrics prioritize deep respect for customers and protecting their data privacy rights.
by Usercentrics
Mar 2, 2023
UC casestudy with Shaping new tomorrow
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Shaping New Tomorrow is a Danish design and retail company started in 2015 and headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark. Once a local startup, they have grown to be a sizable presence on the EU retail market, with production based in Portugal. Their focus is on ethically produced, comfortable menswear.


As a large EU-based retail company with an international customer base, Shaping New Tomorrow was faced with a challenge familiar to many online businesses operating within the European Economic Area: how to be compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy requirements while also leveraging user data to optimize, personalize, and grow their business.

Close to the heart of their business is the desire to make their customers feel seen and heard, and the team at Shaping New Tomorrow knows that handling users’ privacy on their online platforms is about more than meeting faceless legal requirements. It’s about building trust and improving the overall customer experience.

Operating five websites, the team at Shaping New Tomorrow wanted to find a consent management platform (CMP) that enabled both full legal compliance and a high level of customization for the right balance between data privacy and data-driven business.



True and trustworthy user protection

Building trust with users about their data privacy while they browse and shop on Shaping New Tomorrow was a clear goal for the team, and very much in line with the ethical and sustainable perspective that runs through their core business. The CMP solution had to be technically unrivaled and reliable, as well as easy to use to deliver a seamless, robust data privacy layer on their websites.


High level of customizability

To keep being able to leverage the power of data on their websites, Shaping New Tomorrow needed a solution that could be tailored seamlessly to their website to offer their customers a real choice of consent without the detrimental loss of valuable insights and analytics. In other words, a CMP that would help the user with privacy protection and the company with privacy compliance and marketing alternatives like Google Consent Mode, which serves anonymous data when users choose to opt out of cookies.


Solid support

Ease of use and reliable support to quickly overcome obstacles was another key priority for Shaping New Tomorrow. The GDPR and ePrivacy Directive are frameworks with a high degree of legal complexity, and it was important for the team to get it right, with access to help quickly if they had any difficulties.


Seamless integration with Tag Manager

The CMP solution that Shaping New Tomorrow needed also had to provide full integration functionality with Google Tag Manager and their existing tracking setup. The ideal solution seamlessly integrated privacy compliance with the vital data setup already in place, enabling Shaping New Tomorrow — like other international retail shops — to keep getting valuable insights and analytics for business optimization and marketing efforts.

Improving the customer experience

Jeremy Lutz, E-Commerce Web Analyst at Shaping New Tomorrow spoke to us about their experience working with Usercentrics.

Usercentrics is easy to understand and provides some easy-to-use features like a data layer integration or DPS Scanner to help out getting good overviews of Data Processing Services.
Jeremy Lutz, E-Commerce Web Analyst at Shaping New Tomorrow

Lightning fast installation

The onboarding with Usercentrics started in April 2022 and took around half an hour to get up and running, and to know what needed to be done to arrange needed changes.


Granular insights and control

Usercentrics is easy to understand and provides some easy-to-use features like a data layer integration or DPS Scanner to help out getting good overviews of Data Processing Services. It takes quite some time to get into all the cookie details on-page if you look it up the first time, but when everything is done and handled correctly it is easy to arrange the settings. Usercentrics is also intuitive enough to leave out some introduction sessions if you have seen other Consent Management Platforms.


Tailored customizability

Shaping New Tomorrow chose Usercentrics’ Consent Management Platform because it fits our requirements in customizing and enabling features for the cookie banner on all our websites. The business value of Usercentrics is protecting our customers’ data, improving their onsite experience, and giving them the safety of protected data. We use our corporate identity to align the cookie banner with our corporate designs, color coding and fonts.


Protecting ethical brand reputation

Cookie compliance is important for Shaping New Tomorrow because we aim to serve our customers the best experience possible, therefore their privacy preference is an individual setting where customers are treated the way they want. Additionally, there are official GDPR regulations we obey to protect our customers’ data and privacy.

Are your digital platforms compliant with GDPR?

See Usercentrics’ consent solutions in action and discover how they can help you achieve privacy compliance.

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