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GDPR Checklist for Mobile Games

We help you achieve compliance for your mobile games with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. Don’t risk your monetization.
by Usercentrics
Games checklist

GDPR Checklist for Mobile Games: Your Toolkit for Compliance

Gaming App developers and publishers are putting more money into user acquisitions (UA) than ever before. Yet many also experience drops in YoY in the wake of Apple’s ATT, whose consent prompts can make it harder for marketers to make money on in-app advertising (IAA).


Tracking technologies are important tools for successful monetization strategies for many games. But a lot of companies struggle to reconcile their strategy with user experience and changing privacy requirements (e.g. EU’s GDPR and ePrivacy Directive, CNIL’s enforcement focus on apps.)


Meanwhile, great consent management can help you reap a range of low-hanging fruits, such as optimized opt-in rates and increased monetization, better contextual ads and building trust with premium brands.


This toolkit provides an easy and comprehensive step-by-step guide to bring your marketing data strategy for your mobile games into alignment with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. Using the checklist will also help to minimize your exposure to regulatory penalties or the risk of app store removal or data loss.


Download our GDPR checklist for Mobile Games now!

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