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Consent in Mobile Games: hidden benefits and low-hanging fruit!

User consent is a huge opportunity for mobile gaming monetization. In Usercentrics’ latest industry report, learn why consent is lucrative and becoming critical beyond data privacy compliance. Discover real-world results and benefits of implementing user-friendly consent management in mobile games.
by Usercentrics
Apr 18, 2023
Usercentrics Mobile Gaming Report

Mobile games are booming. Gamers are playing more now than ever before—on average four to five hours a day! This represents a huge market for advertisers.


Increasing regulatory requirements for handling users’ personal data have also created challenges for the mobile games market. 90% of the apps Usercentrics analyzed still do not comply with the GDPR or ePrivacy Directive. But gamers also increasingly want control over the use of their personal data.


When you look at the numbers it becomes clear that consent is a great opportunity hidden in plain sight.


Increasingly, premium brands and ad networks insist on using only compliant data (personal data + consent), effectively pushing the industry towards consent-based marketing. User-friendly consent management also builds trust and long-term engagement with gamers. To future-proof your data and monetization strategies, integrating smart consent is the key.


In this report, you will learn:

  • What the levels of noncompliance are for mobile games in the EU
  • ARPDAU uplift: The results game developer Homa Games achieved after integrating smart consent on their hit game Kaiju Run
  • How Usercentrics can help automate compliance for you

Download the report to find out how to get ahead with consent-based marketing in your mobile games, and what best practices for user consent and engagement with your app.

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