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Unraveling the truth behind the most current issues in adtech, legal and marketing

Bi-weekly live fireside chats with Usercentrics and industry experts in an interactive debate.

Get inside the minds of well known experts as we engage in insightful debates regarding the influence of Privacy in marketing, business, and the digital world. Every two weeks, Usercentrics is teaming up with guests from around the world to engage in an interactive discussion surrounding the latest legal, (ad)tech and marketing developments. When was the last time you were able to pick the mind of proven leaders? Well now you can!

General points of interest 

  • Be at the forefront of the latest privacy developments
  • Come ready to have any questions asked in a live setting
  • Use this opportunity to deepen your understanding in all things privacy
  • Learn about adapting to the new data privacy norm
  • Growing a company in 2021 and beyond
  • Protecting your data as a company and as a customer

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Past Events & Webinars

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