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Usercentrics -Google-certified consent management platform

What is Google Consent Mode? Implementation guide

Learn how implementing Google Consent Mode v2 with a Google-certified CMP can help you balance user privacy and effective...

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CookiesProduct Updates Jul 22, 2024

Cookies and the GDPR: How to achieve cookie compliance

Discover how to effectively achieve and maintain GDPR cookie compliance. Learn to implement consent banners using tools like Usercentrics...

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Cookieless future
Data PrivacyCookies Jul 19, 2024

The cookieless future: impact and solutions

The cookieless future is becoming the cookieless present. Digital marketing and advertising require new solutions for growth, like access...

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Cookies Jul 17, 2024

Navigating the differences between opt-out versus opt-in consent

Opt-in or opt-out consent requirements vary depending on your region and applicable regulations and policies. Learn the key differences...

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Top GDPR Compliance Software: pricing, features, and reviews

Review these top 7 GDPR compliance software options and compare their features and price points.

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uc_blog_hero_500px_tag_mgr_202407_blue_01 (1)

What you need to know about Google Tag Manager and how it works with cookie consent and the GDPR

Managing Google Tag Manager cookie consent and GDPR compliance is important for businesses operating in the EU, UK, and...

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EU consent requirements with data privacy laws: Checklist by country

EU consent requirements with data privacy laws: Checklist by country

There are a number of regulations that affect companies doing business in the EU and European Economic Area, so...

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Comparison guide to US state level data privacy laws
Regulations Jul 10, 2024

US data privacy laws by state: rights and requirements

The US has federal privacy legislation, but still no comprehensive federal privacy law. 2023 saw the most new US...

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End-user License Agreement (EULA)
Regulations Jul 9, 2024

What is an End-user License Agreement (EULA)? Here’s what you should know

End-user License Agreements (EULA) are probably the most often agreed-to but least-read contracts. We’ve highlighted what companies need to know.

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8 of the top Termly alternatives for privacy compliance in 2024
Jul 2, 2024

8 OneTrust competitors and alternatives to try this year

OneTrust offers one of the most prominent consent management platforms (CMPs) on the market. Its legacy in the data...

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What is consent management
Data Privacy Jul 2, 2024

What you need to know about consent management – A full guide

Obtaining consumers’ consent to collect and process personal data is becoming standard practice. But consent must be obtained, documented,...

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Maryland Online Data Privacy Act: an overview

Maryland Online Data Privacy Act: an overview

The Maryland Online Data Privacy Act takes effect on October 1, 2025. It includes stricter privacy compliance requirements than...

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