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APIs, CMS integration, and CMPs for DMA compliance

APIs, content management systems and consent management platforms working together can help you achieve compliance with the Digital Markets...

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Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies: what you need to know to stay compliant

We explore internet tracking cookies, explaining their types, functionality, and implications for privacy law compliance, especially under the GDPR...

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Product Updates May 19, 2024

Navigating IT compliance: standards, tips and tools

Learn everything you need to know in this guide to IT compliance. We’ll cover key practices and standards, and...

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Google Privacy Sandbox

Google Privacy Sandbox explained: Respecting user privacy online

Google's Privacy Sandbox is redefining online privacy, shaping a future where user data is protected. Explore how this initiative...

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Data PrivacyCookies May 7, 2024

Google phase out of third-party cookies: Impacts and solutions

While Google may not yet have completed plans to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome, the end will still...

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DSAR - data subject access request

What is a data subject access request (DSAR)? How-to guide

A data subject access request (DSAR) is a request from any member of the public to exercise their data...

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consent based marketing
Data Privacy Apr 22, 2024

What is consent-based marketing? Benefits and tips for marketers

Data privacy continues to be a top priority for companies, as consumers increasingly want transparency and choice over their data.

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Top 30 questions about the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA)
Regulations Apr 18, 2024

Digital Markets Act uncovered: top 30 DMA questions answered

We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Gain insights into the...

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New Hampshire Privacy Act (NHPA)

New Hampshire Privacy Act (NHPA): An Overview

The New Hampshire Privacy Act is the 14th state-level data privacy law passed in the United States. It was...

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NJDPA overview
Regulations Apr 5, 2024

New Jersey Data Privacy Act (NJDPA): An Overview

The New Jersey Data Privacy Act is the 15th state-level data privacy law passed in the United States. It...

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Data Privacy Apr 4, 2024

What is universal consent and how does it benefit companies and their customers?

Expanding data privacy regulation requires ever more robust consent management for compliance. There’s also innovation to solve bigger issues...

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Multichannel ad campaigns: A deep dive into Google’s consent requirements for Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360

The ability to seamlessly connect with audiences across various platforms is now a fundamental aspect of any marketer's playbook....

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