Online marketing in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis: This is what really matters

Online marketing in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis: This is what really matters

by Usercentrics
Apr 16, 2020
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The global Covid19 pandemic has not spared online commerce either: in March 2020, e-commerce fell by almost 20 percent compared to the same period last year.

So what can we do? Reduce the marketing budget further or should we invest right now?

Both views must be approached. With these tips and tricks, you can optimise your online marketing – without spending a single cent. Plus we also talk about five effective marketing measures in which you should invest immediately.

How to optimize your online marketing for free:

Keep your customers up to date

Not only for your business are many things changing in these times. Your customers are also facing completely new challenges. Thats why its more important than ever to ideate from a customer’s point of view: What questions would the customer have now, especially when he or she visits my website? Be open, informative and committed in regards to how exactly your company is affected by the crisis. Will the delivery times change? Be sure to let users know! Are there any delivery bottlenecks? Indicate when the product is expected to be available again. Don’t forget to Inform your customers immediately about all changes and update them regularly (e.g. also on your Google My Business Page).

Boost your social media presence

“We are all in this together” – at this time of crisis, we are all in the same boat, but each of us just a little socially distant. This makes it all the more important to exchange ideas with one another. Use this opportunity to ease the situation and sweeten your customers’ day with informative, innovative content that comes from the heart. Why? Because all people love story time and enjoy seeing how others are coping with the crisis. So why not post a photo from your home office decor as the kids are playing in the background or a collection of the tastiest quarantine recipes of your employees? Tip: The news at the moment can cause anxiety and distress so use this time to create uplifting content as we all help with flattening the curve!

Optimize your SEO strategy

“Show up and be found” – is today’s motto. As everyone is #stayathome sitting within their own four walls, more and more people are surfing the net- even calling for streaming channels to help preserve the internet! Sounds great for your site, doesn’t it? Well your business will only benefit if your content can be found. So: take a minute and check your website. Free versions for this are offered by Ryte or or for content or keywords. Tedious, but worth it!

Look after those positive reviews

So what about your reviews on the individual rating platforms? It is time to become more active here. Think of all the satisfied customers who have never rated your business before? A short friendly email or a personal call to a favourite customer can work wonders here and help your business to climb the rankings.


You should invest in these marketing strategies now:

Strengthen your SEO campaigns 

Is it better not to spend money on campaigns during the crisis? The best marketing experts use a counter-cyclical strategy: think of your business as a long-distance race, not a short sprint. This means: Never cut or put SEO campaigns on hold. Your competitors are already doing that. Which is good for you! This gives you the chance to take the space in the market that has become free- with your business now.  And when everyone boots up again and fights for market share after the crisis, you will have already worked out your lead.

Go for Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Now is the perfect time to put a large part of your online marketing budget into pay-per-click advertising. Why? Search engine advertising is demand based. In other words, users actively search for your products or services in search engines like Google and Bing meaning that there is a demand for your products or services. And so in this way, you can reach an audience ready to buy, which is not easy in times of crisis. Naturally, fees are only charged when an interested buyer clicks on the ad.  

Produce video content 

Do you personally prefer to consume content in engaging video form? Then you and 94 percent of Internet users are not alone. But has no one in your company ventured into video content yet? Well what are you waiting for. Now is a good time to tackle this topic. Great tutorials and suitable tools for creating entertaining, informative content can be found here, for example. Tip: Don’t start with a complicated project right away. Short explanatory videos, e.g. on FAQs, are a good way to slowly grow into the topic and bring out the superstar in your product.

Offer special offers for special times

Were not talking about a free pack of toilet paper with every product, but how about a special crisis offer for your most loyal customers? By attracting attention with original promotions, you will not only make your customers smile, but also increase sales. And don’t forget: Spread the word! Give the happy customer free time on all channels (newsletter, blog, social media, etc.). 

Protect your advertising revenue by using a CMP

The whole team is happy when marketing revenues still flow in strongly during times of crisis. To make sure it remains this way and that you don’t suddenly receive a warning and face the threat of a hefty fine, ensure that you have collected the personal data of your website visitors in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Because: If you want to use this data for marketing purposes, you cannot avoid gathering the explicit consent of your website visitors. All data protection authorities are now unanimous on this point.

But anyone who wants to continue to use the services of tech companies such as Google or Facebook as an advertiser in the future must provide proof of user Consent. The Consent gathered must be provided in the form of a so-called “TC String” which is then sent to the systems of Google and Co. This can only be provided by a Consent Management Platform (CMP) certified by the IAB. Therefore: Protect your advertising revenues and rely on a powerful and comprehensive CMP. Not taken care of yet? Well, now is the perfect time. We will be happy to advise you. 

And last but not least: Be on top of marketing revenues by preparing for times after the crisis

We know it can be difficult to see ahead to when things will be finally be normal again. But after every storm, comes the sun and the economy will pick up speed again. Take precautions by keeping an eye on possible scenarios such as a sudden increase in demand for your product. What do you have to do to survive in the market? Which marketing activities will suddenly become important again? Can you use the time now to prepare for later?iab


On this note: Use your time wisely, keep calm and marketing on!

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