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Google Page Experience

Page Experience is now a new ranking factor for Google – Here’s the next step!

The heat is on: as of May 2021, Google will make Page Experience, i.e. the "user-friendliness of pages," a...

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Usercentrics | Joomla
Apr 6, 2021

Usercentrics Joomla! Implementation Guide (CMP v1 and CMP v2)

Usercentrics makes it simple for you to collect Joomla consent on your website. With a few easy steps, you...

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Google BigQuery

Working with data in BigQuery using Node.js

This article wants to get a bit into the actual usage of BigQuery and show how to read and...

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RegulationsCookies Apr 1, 2021

Non-compliant Cookie Banner: why 5 big German companies have now been issued warnings

Whether a cookie banner complies with the GDPR or not is no longer a matter of interpretation. On the...

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Google BigQuery

What’s the deal with Google BigQuery, and what does it cost?

The purpose of this article is to give you a rough overview of BigQuery and a few insights into...

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Regulations Mar 17, 2021

netID – Future trend or a dead end?

Publishers are desperately looking for an alternative to user Targeting without Third-Party Cookies. Could netID be the answer? As...

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Regulations Mar 17, 2021

Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox: new standards for web privacy

As early as mid 2019, Google announced that it would implement measures in its Chrome browser to protect the...

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AppsRegulations Mar 8, 2021

In-App monetization after Apple’s iOS 14 privacy features: how app operators can secure their ad revenue

Have app operators seen better days? It's no news that anyone who runs an app and wants to collect...

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Regulations Mar 3, 2021

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) vs. Personal Data – What’s the difference?

A key tenet of forensics is that “every contact leaves a trace.” Few people today are fully aware of...

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TikTok logo phone
Regulations Mar 3, 2021

TikTok’s lack of adherence to data privacy regulations: what online advertisers need to know

The social network TikTok has increasingly come under the scrutiny of data privacy regulators. The European consumer protection association...

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Usercentrics Wordpress
Feb 26, 2021

Usercentrics WordPress Implementation Guide

With a few easy steps, you can add the Usercentrics script tag or plugin to your WordPress website and...

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Usercentrics Shopify
Feb 24, 2021

Usercentrics Shopify Implementation Guide (CMP v2)

With a few easy steps, you can add the Usercentrics script to your Shopify website and start collecting user...

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