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CookiesProduct Updates Nov 23, 2020

5 Tips for Handling Cookies Correctly in Live Chat Support

Cookies aren’t just for tracking user behavior and displaying ads. They’re part of nearly every online tool, such as...

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Regulations Oct 26, 2020

3 months with TCF 2.0 – Criticism from the Belgian data protection authority and official statement of the IAB Europe

The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0 of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Europe) has been officially in...

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GDPR vs. Brazil LGPD
Regulations Sep 15, 2020

EU GDPR vs. Brazil LGPD

General Requirements similarities and differences    GDPR  LGPD  Who does it apply to? = Extraterritorial application/effect The whole point...

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Regulations Sep 3, 2020

Stricter requirements for the use of Google Analytics

Are you using Google Analytics? As a website operator you need to conclude a Joint Controller Agreement immediately. Here...

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Regulations Aug 31, 2020

Poland: New data protection regulations including consent under GDPR

Recently, Poland’s Data Protection Authority “UODO” has announced major changes in the legal basis for processing data. Therefore, consent...

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Brexit - Article
Cookies Aug 13, 2020

Brexit and the ICO Guidelines on Cookie Consent: How to be compliant after the transition period

The end of the Brexit transition period is quickly approaching – and publishers are wondering if their data strategy...

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FAQs TCF 2.0
Regulations Aug 13, 2020

TCF 2.0 FAQs: all answers at a glance

TCF 2.0 came into force on 15th August 2020. We have summarised for you the most frequently asked questions...

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Regulations Jul 29, 2020

TCF 2.0 Transition Guide: What publishers must know

PUBLISHER Website operators and those responsible for websites Advertisers are also regarded as publishers in the spirit of TCF...

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GDPR Checklist | Usercentrics
CookiesPrivacy Policy Jul 2, 2020

GDPR Cookies Checklist: Your Toolkit for Compliance

Uncertain about how to become compliant with GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive? We’re here to help. Future-proof your marketing strategy...

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50 million Euro fine upheld for Google due to GDPR breach
Regulations Jun 27, 2020

50 million Euro fine upheld for Google due to GDPR breach

Remember the 50 million Euro fine levied against Google in May 2018 by the French data protection authority (CNIL)...

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Highest GDPR-fine in Hungary: 290.000 EUR - Usercentrics
Regulations Jun 25, 2020

Highest GDPR-fine in Hungary: 290.000 EUR due to weak fragile website security 

Without a doubt, the breach of website security can be extremely expensive: Hungarian telecommunications company Digi just got fined...

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