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Are Cookies personal data
Cookies Apr 29, 2019

What are cookies?

Since the GDPR came into effect in May 2018, website operators have had to ask themselves, whether cookies count...

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Cookie Banner
Cookies Apr 25, 2019

Cookie Hint

What is a cookie hint? Ever since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018,...

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BayLDA analysis teaser image
Regulations Feb 15, 2019

BayLDA: Tracking tools are not used in compliance with GDPR

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision (BayLDA) audited websites with...

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Embed consents directly into website header

Embed consents from Usercentrics directly into your website

Our Consent Management Platform enables you to embed Data Processing Services with all their information directly into your website....

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Consent under GDPR and ePrivacy header
Privacy Policy Sep 29, 2018

Consent Under GDPR And ePrivacy

Under GDPR, a consent has to be informed and given freely. That means, that the data subject must have...

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Criteria for a CMP
Product Updates Sep 29, 2018

Criteria for a CMP

Consent in daily life appears to be simple: it’s a Yes or No question. Consent in legal terms and...

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iab TCF Logo Hero
Regulations Sep 26, 2018

The iab Transparency & Consent Framework

The iab consent framework by the iab Tech Lab specifies the way, a consent is saved and forwarded between...

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CMP Definition Header
Product Updates Sep 26, 2018

What Is A Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

A CMP aka Consent Management Platform is normally used by advertisers, publishers and agencies and consist of 3 major elements

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Why Consent header image
Regulations Sep 25, 2018

Why Consent

Is Consent mandatory? The question is legit and we’re happy that you ask. As one of the legal bases...

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