UC Casestudy with Carglass

Case study with Carglass®

Enabling great customer experience and increased trust with the right tools for customized and optimized consent management.
by Usercentrics
Feb 21, 2023
UC Casestudy with Carglass
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Carglass® specializes in automotive glass repair and replacement, headquartered in Germany and operating in 34 countries. Particularly as customer use of their website grows, compliance with the GDPR and other relevant regulations is of great importance. The company migrated from the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP) v1 to v2 in 2021, and they use the CMP on 14 domains and subdomains.

Carglass® is dedicated to great customer experience, so their web properties need to demonstrate clarity and transparency about data use and choices. Being able to regularly analyze user behavior and optimize the CMP user interface is important to the business as well. A close working relationship with Customer Success and fast, thorough interactions with Support are valuable as well. The company does a lot of customization and makes extensive use of features, but doesn’t have to wait to get answers or solutions they need.

The migration from v1 to v2 of the CMP went quickly and smoothly for them, and since then the Carglass® team has been enjoying faster load times, even easier maintenance, and functions like Cross-Domain Consent Sharing.

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