Our Partners

Consent Management is a rather new concept and driven by a regulatory will. That makes it high in demand as companies worldwide are actively looking for solutions. Become a partner of the leading Consent Management Platform (CMP) and be on the forefront of privacy. Contact us to learn more about becoming a preferred Usercentrics partner.

Agency Partners

Are you an online marketing agency? We offer you a individualized CMP consent solution, that will fit your and your customers needs in a proper and solid way. Be the first to introduce Usercentrics to your clients while learning from our team of experts. If you are interested in becoming a partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

Expert Partners

GDPR came with a lot of unresolved questions calling for data protection experts to support businesses hands-on. Consent Management is an excellent example for how complex applying GDPR will become in practicability. Be the first to introduce Usercentrics to your clients while learning from our team of Legal and Tech experts.

Implementation Partners

Usercentrics is focusing on solutions for enterprise customers. Are you interested in getting a integration partner? We are looking for partners that are professionally integrating our solution into the Tag Management (e.g. GTM) and consult the customers on their way to the success.

Technology Partners

Usercentrics works with API-first approach. If you are interested in a technological cooperation, feel free to contact us. We will give you many ways of integrate your technology and consent logic into our CMP.

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Mischa Rürup
Founder & CEO of Usercentrics

Feel free to contact Mischa Rürup, Founder and CEO of Usercentrics and previously Founder of intelliAd, for Strategic Partnerships directly.